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Talent Savant, Co.

Talent Savant, Co.

HR tools for swiping through human-curated qualified job seekers.

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Company Overview

Talent Savant is improving the opportunity cycle for both prospective employers and qualified applicants with a suite of desktop and mobile apps that will close the last three feet between job opportunities and qualified applicants. Using our industry-shaking leadership, we are building the simplest, most intuitive self-service talent acquisition tools ever made for humans, by humans.


145000 Users
7 Employees
$1,500,000 Sales
20% ROI
Cash Flow Positive
$3,500,000 Transaction Volume

Pitch Deck


  • In less than one calendar year, Talent Savant has received over 1000 applications from experienced recruiters who want to work for us.

    March, 2018


Tony Woods
Tony Woods
HR Director, Amphenol Telect
"Talent Savanit, Co, s based in Seattle but assured me that her network reached the Bay Area with no problem. We went through the review process and talked about the skill set we were looking for, personality fit, and the overview of the position. In a very short period, Clara sent us candidates… viable candidates! On Feb 9th I received my first email from Clara and on March 12th we made an offer to a fantastic candidate!"