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Swishu is a new kind of paywall. It’s more like a speedbump.

Why We Started This Company

Our inspiration came after we arrived at a subscription paywall on a popular magazine’s website, and we didn’t want to subscribe – but we wanted to keep reading. With Swishu, we enable casual readers to access premium content a la carte. This brings in new revenue for publishers while at the same time offering readers a consistently better reading experience.

What Sets Us Apart

We've worked in web publishing for the better part of a decade, and we know the ins and outs of a complex industry with a storied history. Our past informs all of the decisions we make with regards to features, functionality, strategy, and even design. This delivers a better product to publishers.

Our Keys To Success

We've had success on a single publisher's website during our private beta and are now aggressively selling additional publishers on the Swishu platform. The key to success is publisher adoption.

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