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Swishu is a new kind of paywall. Its more like a speedbump.

New York, New York, US

media, tech startup

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Launched payment system on publisher's website and had processed our first a la carte transaction before smoke testing completed.

January, 2013

Launched redesigned website to highlight features and benefits for publishers.

February, 2013

Designed and developed slide deck to explain platform and promote product and brand identify. Reader iPhone app accepted into the App Store

May, 2013

Partnered with Startup Institute New York (SINY) to find the next generation of Swishuers.

June, 2013


Nathan Goulding

Nathan Goulding

Co-founder, CTO

Passionate about technology and publishing. Previously held positions include Lead Architect at Internap (NASDAQ: INAP), Senior Engineer at Voxel dot Net, Inc., and CTO at National Review Online.
Sam Machiz

Sam Machiz

Chief Evangelist

Aaron Pullin
Mr. Pullin is a certified public accountant licensed in the state of New York. He leads the company's financial operations with 10+ years experience working at technology firms. His past achievements include leading several successful debt and equity rounds and exit transactions.


Team Member Name

Justin Farmer

Creative Director

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Board of Directors / Advisors

Team Member Name

Matthew Toback

Internap, Director, UX

Matt started his career as CFO of a global managed hosting provider, Voxel dot Net. From inception in 1999, he managed the financial operations through years... Read More
Team Member Name

Matthew Goulding

Kirkland & Ellis LLP, Associate

Matt is a corporate associate in the San Francisco office of an international law firm. He has extensive experience advising clients on a wide range of trans... Read More
Team Member Name

Raul Martynek

MAAS Telecom Corp., President

Mr. Martynek was most recently the Chief Executive Officer of Voxel dot Net, Inc., a managed hosting company that was sold to Internap Network Services Corp.... Read More