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All investors get 50 licenses per USD 500 invested.

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Company Overview

Customers increasingly evaluate a company’s commitment to sustainability and demands measurable actions .
Consumers say environmental concerns impact their purchasing decisions, and the millennials are leading the way. Investors are divesting from companies with poor sustainability performance.

In short, companies without a roadmap towards carbon neutrality are losing sales and value.

SustainOnline is designed by sustainability professionals, and the first online platform fully targeting the SME market. Today a blind spot for competitors.

SustainOnline have the lowest price globally, is designed by sustainability professionals and requires no consultancy for implementation. As the only solution it combines reporting and learning for superior result.

The global growth potential is extremely large and we target a revenue of 34M€ by 2023.

Net margin is high and two exit scenarios based on the business plan for 2023/2024 show a possible ROI of 18 to 36 times.

Our pre-launch in Japan clearly demonstrates the potential with 100,000 licenses already sold.

Our 1FOR1 program matches every license purchased by giving an equal amount of licenses to charitable organizations and NGO’s in developing countries.

Help us change the business world towards sustainability.



125000 Users
15 Employees
$150,000 Sales
Cash Flow Negative
3,500% ROI

Pitch Deck


  • Emission factor database tested against 11,000 companies' data

    November, 2019
  • Launch of SustainOnline Academy

    October, 2019
  • The platform was pre-launched in Japan (Japanese version), 100,000 licenses sold

    June, 2019


Ari Virtanen
Ari Virtanen
CEO Advion Solutions
"Advion Solutions recently signed up as a partner to SustainOnline. With my vast network in especially eastern Europe and Central and South America, I am convinced SustainOnline will be a big success. In fact, just returned from a Turkey biz trip, we have already companies exceeding 120,000+ licenses that want to start with the SustainOnline Academy and later get the reporting as well as include their supply chain."