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Sustainable Asset Equity Fund

Sustainable Asset Equity Fund

SAEF seeks to deploy capital to create renewable energy power plants while providing an opportunity for investors to do well by doing good

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Company Overview

The Sustainable Asset Equity Fund (“SAEF”) is a newly organized entity that provides investors the opportunity to profit from clean waste-to-energy and solar projects via a low-risk investment with a healthy return.

SAEF has identified several investment opportunities, primarily in the waste-to-energy biomass sector, where it will extend subdebt financing (the “Loan”) to fully developed, third-party vetted energy projects. Any SAEF biomass investment must first pass the due diligence process of a major US bank. In fact, a bank must commit to provide the money required to fully construct the project (i.e. approximately ~70% to 80% of capital costs) prior to any SAEF investment. This process and investment criteria enhance the security of a SAEF investment.

SAEF was formed by a team that includes principals of the Power Resource Group (PRG), a developer of renewable and waste-to-energy projects in North Carolina ( PRG has developed a pipeline of biomass projects that are ready for investment. SAEF will have the opportunity to invest in these fully developed, ready-for-construction projects as they pass the rigors of bank due diligence and achieve funding commitments from a major US bank. Given that PRG's pipeline projects will largely be replicas of an already constructed and successfully generating project located in Farmville, North Carolina ("Project 1- Featured here with media coverage"), along with the fact that PRG already has existing banking relationships in place that have made investments into Project 1, PRG anticipates securing the majority for funding required for its pipeline Projects in short order.

If interested in taking the next step with SAEF please contact us to be provided our Private Placement Memorandum for additional information.


  • 15-year revenue agreements signed for SAEF project #1, >$100M in revenue

    October, 2020
  • Design underway to break ground to meet IRS "Begun Construction" requirements and lock in 30% tax credit before December 2020.

    December, 2020
  • Letter of Intent executed with public jurisdiction for site for SAEF project #1

    October, 2020
  • Feedstock agreements in place for full fuel requirements for SAEF project #1

    October, 2020
  • Selection of EPC and full Performance Guarantee ('wrap'); currently five candidates being vetted

    November, 2020