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The #1 peer to peer college learning marketplace

Company Overview

Why We Started This Company

As a student I felt like the college market was greatly underserved. 20million college students attend college every year, creating an industry that's worth well over $500 billion. Yet going to school in a modern college feels archaics, and students still don't know what it takes to be successful in class. We created StudySoup to connect struggling students with top students in the class who know what is takes to succeed and can make money helping their peers.

What Sets Us Apart

We let our top students make money! That's right. They no longer need to work in the cafeteria while getting their Chemistry masters. Students can leverage their academic work, sell notes, study guides and more .

Our Keys To Success

Delivering high quality user experience, and customer support has been key to our success and word of mouth growth on campuses. We focus our energy on doing 'campus launches' which helps us gain credibility and large penetration (up to 24%) at each of our locations

Pitch Deck


  • $10,000 monthly recurring revenue just 10 weeks after launch

    August, 2014
  • 15,000 users this month, a 300% increase

    September, 2014
  • 500 Startups accelerator graduate

    June, 2014


Dave McClure
Dave McClure
Founding Partner at 500 Startups
"The sharing economy is just now taking off with services like Airbnb and Uber. StudySoup is bringing the sharing economy to learning content in the education space which greatly needs it. Kudos to the team!"
Parker Thompson
Parker Thompson
Head Partner at 500 Startups
"In a time when the cost of education is astronomical, StudySoup gives students a great way to get paid for their knowledge, and a better way to succeed in their studies."
Tanya Clark
Tanya Clark
Student at UC Santa Barbara
"Working with StudySoup not only encouraged excellence as a student, but I made enough to fund my study abroad program to Seoul, South Korea!"
Len Lodish
Len Lodish
Professor Emeritus at The Wharton School
"StudySoup is taking a natural student interaction and bringing it online, opening the door to new collaborative learning opportunities. This could be a monumental change in todays education."