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Story Plant Media

Story Plant Media

Cutting Edge Production Company with an Award-Winning Team

New York, New York, US

theater, media, entertainment, book publishing, production, media production, podcasting, theater, television, film, online, multi-media

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$0 of $500,000

Story Plant Media is raising $500,000 with a minimum reservation of $5,000. Numbers displayed include non-binding reservations before investors are verified, signed, or closed.


  • Team of NY Times best selling author, Tony award-winning producers
  • Created unique proof-of-concept model using revenue producing podcasts
  • Own 120+ book properties, a third of which are on bestseller lists

Elevator Pitch

Story Plant Media is a production and creative development company that focuses on developing books, owned and published by SPM into full-production podcasts, theater, television, and film.


250,000 Users
6 Employees


First podcast called This Is Rage has achieved over 250,000 downloads in the first three episodes launched.

August, 2016

Acquired a distribution deal with Petri Entertainment for its self-produced film Tarnished Notes

May, 2016

Little Did I Know aims to be the first Broadway-level musical podcast featuring music by an Oscar and Grammy-winning lyricist

January, 2017

Lou Aronica, CEO, is a New York Times Best-Selling Author for his books The Element and Finding Your Element

January, 2017

Mitchell Maxwell, President, is a Tony award-winning producer most notably known for his Broadway hits Stomp and Damn Yankees

January, 2017

Story Plant Media owns the rights to 120+ book properties, a third of which are on bestseller lists.

January, 2017

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Story Plant Media different from the high-risk investment model of traditional production companies?

"No one knows what properties will be a Broadway or blockbuster hit, if they did it would be considered a science and not an art." Production companies often invest large sums of money into projects without knowing whether or not they are going to be successful. This model is high-risk, high-reward. SPM uses a unique go-to-market strategy to determine if a story has traction before bringing it into full-scale production. SPM has many proof-of-concept models; however, the majority of projects will be tested through audio drama podcasts. Instead of producing high-budget films, television series, or theater productions to determine if the story has any traction from its target audience, SPM will leverage this low-budget model to determine its possible success before translating to a higher budget production. While the primary goal of our proof-of-concept model is to prove a project’s viability, they can also generate revenue.

What are the use of funds for this round?

Story Plant Media is seeking funding of $500,000 to complete the development money needed to for its initial projects. Story Plant Media is not asking investors to risk on one project but the entire pool of projects that will be created. Sixty to seventy five percent of the funds ($300,000) will be used for initial production development (most often podcasts) across 8-10 projects. Since these podcasts are revenue generating, the revenue will replenish the funds needed for continued production development. SPM will use $125,000 of the funds to acquire the production rights to the entire TSP library. This provides SPM the ability to participate in all production fees generated by a property and the profits generated from its own productions. Lastly, SPM will use the remaining funds for launch operations and legal fees.

How does Story Plant Media have continuous content to produce?

Story Plant Media implements a turn-key solution to take original content to premiere, full-scale productions. SPM has ample, content at-the-ready. The company owns the rights to 120+ independent novels, 1/3 of which on bestsellers lists, providing a continuous built-in catalogue of properties. Through SPM’s proprietary production process, content is customized and tailored to the chosen media outlet (theater, film, television, podcasts). Additionally, SPM has a continuous process of acquiring the rights of books, expanding its catalogue.

How is Story Plant Media poised to make their productions a success?

Story Plant Media has a team of publishing and production experts. Namely, Lou Aronica, CEO of SPM, has 30+ years of high-level experience in the book business as the publisher of two of the industry’s largest imprints. As a New York Times bestseller himself, he intimately understands the process to achieve this level of success. Mitchell Maxwell, President, is a forty-year veteran of the entertainment industry. He has successfully built five entertainment companies and has owned and operated three independent off- Broadway theaters. In addition to their expertise, SPM will fund the initial development of each property.