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Stealth Grid Corporation

Stealth Grid Corporation

Cyber Security Technology for PC, mobile, the Cloud & IoT. Patented End-to-End Encryption for Data-in-Motion & Data-at-Rest."StealthCrypto™"

Company Overview

Stealth Grid™ is establishing itself as a leading provider of Cyber security solutions. Our unique combination of cutting edge technology and vast expertise in Cyber security are essential in dealing with the complexities of today's cyber-attacks. Larry Castro, Stealth Grid's CEO and technical founder, brings together his team's experience in enterprise security, fraud prevention and IoT technology to help develop Stealth Grid's innovative solutions.

STEALTHGRID INC. (including STEALTHCLOUD™, STEALTHCRYPTO™, AND STEALTH IoT™) provides leading edge solutions to guard against cyber theft ($ & IP), cybercrime, cyber fraud, cyber terrorism and IoT data breeches. With groundbreaking technology and unparalleled manageability, STEALTH GRID™ is enabling consumers and businesses to rapidly protect their data in the cloud, on their devices, as well as email, phone, video chat and the IoT communications. STEALTH GRID FOR THE INTERNET OF THINGS SECURES END-TO-END DATA FLOW FROM IOT SENSORS TO DATA CENTERS

Safeguarding your Internet of Things (IoT) data and devices from large scale industrial equipment to appliances, electronic devices and wearables cannot be covered with traditional enterprise or consumer security solutions. Stealth Grid is a flexible and lightweight software-only data protection platform that is ideal for securing the Internet of Things. Stealth Grid can be deployed in a variety of environments, edge routers, devices or applications and our optimized micro-connections consume a fraction of the processing power that would be needed for traditional Internet connections. Split Encryption algorithm is at the heart of Stealth Grid unique proprietary security and architecture and provides solutions for current challenges data centers, governments and business are addressing.

SG’s flagship product Stealth Cloud™ offers a seamless interface in which cloud data storage is put into a provisional patent with ASYMMETRICAL ENCRYPTING AND SPLITTING FOR SECURING AND SENDING DATA IN MOTION AND IN REST process ensuring any potentially compromised data will only arrive as an incomplete set of encrypted meaningless data. This ensures that you are always protected by encrypting data before the files leave your computer and providing end-to-end split encryption. That is true privacy for you and your company.

Our Split Encryption (StealthCrypto™) application ensures your data and communications will never be compromised again. We utilize a number of proprietary split encryption methods for all our applications. Split encrypted data by SC can be saved in multiple locations the user chooses and is our company has Zero Knowledge of where and what data is tored. You can store and protect data locally on your computer, external drives and clouds such as DropBox, iCloud, Google Drive, Box & OneDrive. Installation of the software typically takes only minutes. Once installed, simply Drag and Drop, or click and save content into the Stealth cloud application and have it split encrypted and protected forever .SC application stores no data and the User is in complete control of their Data and where is being stored and split encrypted.


1 Issued Patents
7 Employees
$100,000 Sales


  • Stealth Cloud Window version completed

    July, 2015
  • SG Signs a 100K reseller licensing fee agreement which includes a monthly per user revenue stream in Q3 2016 (4 million users)

    August, 2015
  • Re seller Agreement signed with Vigilant

    November, 2015
  • Stealth Cloud Mac Version completed

    December, 2015
  • QNAP agrees to provide Stealth Cloud application globally

    January, 2016
  • Evaluation initiated with Identity Guard to provide app to there 36 Million subscriber base.

    March, 2016
  • Stealth Grid launches encrypted cloud based unified communications with traditional PBX functionality & Encrypted Video Chat/Conferencing

    August, 2016