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Starpan Corporation T/As Mammoth Earth

Starpan Corporation T/As Mammoth Earth

Starpan. Corporation T/ As Mammoth Earth in Australia.

Starpan. Corporation T/ As Mammoth Earth in Australia.


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Elevator Pitch

The mammoth system has a massive application, and opportunities worldwide, to license the Mammoth innovation. The world has a lot of problems: Rising sea levels, Coastal Erosion, storms and wildfires

Company Overview

Starpan Corporation T/As Mammoth Earth. In Australia.

The company was formed back in 2016 to Manufacture, the Innovations and Inventions.of John O'Loughlin. We have been in research and development for the past four years. We are also self funded. There are five inventions at this stage. Two are under licence, in the United States .Two are on hold, due to the problems in America. The project we are seeking funds for is the Mammoth block. We have taking the opportunity to set up the manufacturing process of the Mammoth block in Australia.

The Mammoth block innovation, has many applications, and are only limited by the imagination. Storm and Fire resistant home construction, Rising sea levels, and Coastal Erosion. This is a massive problem worldwide. The blocks in size are 2.400 m x 1.200 m x 1.200 m the weight of the block is 1.6 tonnes the block is designed to take on seawater ballast when in place, the weight of the block is then 3.6 tonnes.

The Mammoth blocks have the strength of concrete and the pleasing look of sandstone blocks.

Mammoth Earth will also be working in area of rising sea levels coastal erosion and home construction, this will take us into the " Real Estate " industry as we will be offering , fire-resistant homes to the market.

Our business exit plan is 5 years. We will be licencing the Mammoth Innovation Nationally and Internationally, starting in Australia, this will give us the business model for the United States.

The Mammoth block is the quickest building system in the world today, offering protection against extreme weather conditions. including fire. The system can have many configurations for building designs. A massive reduction in energy cost. Sound proof. A massive reduction in construction time, labour and material cost. The blocks are also fire resistant. The blocks are stackable, just like" Lego" And can be airlifted when required. This is the best system for land restoration and property protection against, rising sea levels and Coastal Erosion.

The business plan and Executive Sheet are available. No video at this stage, we will bring them on when the manufacturing process is up. and projects are under construction.

INFORMATION..The Pacific Islands and other Islands around the world, not to mention countries, Like the Philippines Indonesia, are affected by "Climate Change", Rising sea levels -Coastal Erosion, is a very big problem for the world. The Climate is warming very fast. To combat this problem. We have the Mammoth block as the first line of defense against Rising sea levels, and the loss of our beaches, all round the world due to Coastal Erosion. Mammoth Earth, and with your help, we can help save our habitat for our future generations to come......... Tall we find something better.

John O'Loughlin. Founder Starpan Corporation T/As Mammoth Earth.

Key Customers & Partners

Mammoth Waste

Risks & Disclosures

Dear Investors, This project holds no risk that I can see, as it is a easy, process

We manufacture our own product, and license our innovation. We will also supply and work in the

construction industry, from our base, in Australia, This business is not new to us. We have other

products on the market under licence, in the United States That will form part of the offer.

Our licensed product are in the retail industry and on hold due to the trade wars and the problems i the US at this time.

John O'Loughlin


Investor Brochure April 28th, 2020
Offering Circular April 29th, 2020
Investor Pitch Deck October 14th, 2020