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Square1 Energy, LLC

Square1 Energy, LLC

Fueled by Nature

Company Overview

Square1 Energy, LLC (“S1E”) owns the exclusive worldwide rights for the use of its proprietary technology - a commercially available on-demand hydrogen injection system that has been demonstrated in audited industrial applications to enable engines to burn fuel significantly more efficiently, resulting in improved power, substantial increases in MPG and lower levels of emissions pollution. Square1 Energy is seeking capital to fund marketing, manufacturing, and distribution operations of its proprietary technology .

The Hydro-Maxx™ system is adaptable for use on virtually any 4-stroke engine in operation in the world today. The core of the unique Hydro-Maxx™ system is a “Servo Integrated Controller”, with unique software algorithms imbedded on proprietary silicon chips. This Servo controls voltage/current and temperature feedback sensors that prevent thermal runaway, enable continuous gas production, and minimize the size requirement of the power source and electrolytic cells required to split water into hydrogen for a given level of gas production.

Applications for "Hydroxy Gas" include all forms of fossil fuel based transportation, electric power generation, heating/cooling systems, stationary engines and equipment used in agriculture and natural gas exploration (pumps and compressors), water purification, and high Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) antioxidant bottled water.

When capitalized, the Company expects to begin delivery of Hydro-Maxx™ units within 90-120 days of receiving initial purchase orders through direct sales and distribution partnerships, Longer term, management believes that a large percentage of its revenues will be generated through global distribution licensing and licenses to vehicle and machinery manufacturers.

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