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International Expansion of Sportho all-rounds sports medical care centers with state-of-the-science medical care.

Newark, Delaware, US

healthcare, health and wellness, sport, health, diagnostics, sport and healthcare, orthopedics

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$51,400 of $500,000

SPORTHO HOLDING, LLC is raising $500,000 with a minimum reservation of $600. Numbers displayed include non-binding reservations before investors are verified, signed, or closed.


  • Sports and care centralized
  • Partnership with athlete
  • Sports alliances

Elevator Pitch

Sportho is expanding all-round sports medical care centers with state-of-the-science medical care, based on in-house developed multidisciplinary medical cure and care programs. 1-2-3-Formula.


16 Employees
700 Users
Cash Flow Positive


Sportho starts the first training facility and physical therapy practice in Berg en Terblijt near Maastricht

December, 2014

Sportho expands from one to 4 sports physical therapists and open their second sports satellite center in Simpelveld.

February, 2015

Sportho expands with a third sports satellite center in Kerkrade in cooperation with The Soccerarena.

May, 2015

Sportho signs a contract with Rieu productions to deliver full medical and sports support for Rieu Health Services

June, 2015

Sportho expands with a fourth sports satellite center in Born near Sittard.

October, 2015

Sportho expands from 4 to 7 sports physical therapists and one dietician.

November, 2015

Sportho is the exclusive medical partner for the Center Court model by the town Kerkrade: a center for education, research and sports.

November, 2015

Sportho signs a contract with the town Maastricht and Maastricht Sport to facilitate athletes for the Ironman.

February, 2016

Sportho recruits a human movement scientist, a personal trainer and a nutrition engineer.

February, 2016

Sportho expands with a third physical therapy practice in Kerkrade.

November, 2016

Sportho receives a grant for research project on self-monitoring system app for people undergoing anterior cruciate ligament repair.

January, 2017

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why this multidisciplinary approach ?

By working with pro and amateur athletes we know that our clients need the total approach, not just when they suffer from an injury. Our programs show that with our multidisciplinary approach our clients achieve better, faster and more sufficient sports performance levels and rehabilitate much faster and with better conditions.

Why can you be much faster than regular healthcare?

In most western countries healthcare is good but insufficient. We have cut out all extra layers and combined all existing single entities in one team. That's why we achieve these fast response rates in our 1-2-3 weeks principle; faster accessibility in a team of only co-existing and co-working professionals.