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Splurge Media, LLC

Splurge Media, LLC

Putting the focus back on communication

Company Overview

We are creating a social media service that expands on the micro-blog platform by enhancing users' abilities to meet new people and communicate with others with similar interests. By combining these features with a mobile-first development approach, we aim to introduce a popular new brand to the thriving social media industry.

We have completed the graphic design portion of this project and began programming in early February; we are looking for financing to ensure we have the capital to expand our vision for our product and ensure we can compete in the market. With a development cost of only $18,000 to develop both the iOS and Android platforms concurrently, we have a marked competitive advantage over other companies seeking to enter the mobile social media market, who frequently pay a team of developers twice that sum every month of production. We anticipate entry into the market in early April. From there, we hope to field test our service, making rapid improvements and generating the growth characteristic of the social media industry.

A pitch deck for our seed round can be found here: Although our Crowdfunder campaign is focused on the many beauties of crowdfunding, we are also looking for lead investors to partner with. While we are all excited about our product, and our ambitions to see it succeed are immeasurable, our founders are young, and open to partnering with more experienced individuals who manifest the same excitement about the industry that we do. However, don't let our youth dissuade you: we come from a family of entrepreneurs, who have built an international manufacturing business, as well as marketing and wind energy firms. Another advantage our team has is the ability to access decades of business experience with a simple phone call and without charge.