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Solgreen® Solutions

Solgreen® Solutions

Building Technology for a Greener Tomorrow

Company Overview

About SolGreen®

SolGreen® Solutions Corporation is a privately held clean-tech product manufacturer and certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) located in Virginia’s thriving Fairfax County.

Our core product, the Evodia Solar Table, is the solution to the growing demand for exterior infrastructure development and access to sustainable electrical power outdoors.

The Evodia Solar Table is an outdoor solar charging station that provides off-grid clean energy to power mobile and portable devices, LED lighting, Wi-Fi and IoT device capability in the form of a canopied table with seating. Maximizing the sustainability, utility, and economic value of outdoor spaces.

As a charging location, workstation, or place of leisure and social gathering, the Evodia Solar Table cultivates modern and sustainable spaces that allow users to enjoy an experience they’ve never had outdoors.


Value Proposition

Decreased use of outdoor spaces has resulted in facilities and maintenance to seek out solutions that enhance and develop exterior infrastructure that sustainably accommodates mobile device users and brings added convenience to workers, residents and citizens. Facility owners and investors are also looking to spur economic growth from the enhancement of these outdoor spaces.

The Evodia Solar Table is the first off-grid, maintenance-free outdoor solar table built and tested by engineering technologists for commercial use. Supplying outdoor sitting and workspace, 24 hours of grid-free clean energy, access to WiFi and LED night lighting.

Our product brings value by focusing on the 3 P's: People, Planet & Profit.

People by providing public access to off-grid clean energy, an outdoor workstation, place of leisure and social gathering space that enhances convenience and experience in outdoor public spaces.

Our planet by manufacturing a commercial clean tech product that is scalable, repeatable and applicable in any environment. Bringing new visibility and fresh perspective to renewable energy.

Profit by spurring economic growth in commercial retail spaces like shopping malls, business & tourist districts, and casinos. Adding value to exterior infrastructure and commercial real estate in city residences.


Outdoor areas that were once bare and under-used will transform into thriving social gathering areas that meets the demands of the over 1 Billion users of mobile and portable electronic devices in the U.S. SolGreen® is disrupting the legacy outdoor furniture market by modernizing outdoor sitting spaces with sustainable technology and furniture.

Target Markets

  • Education Sector: Includes 134,230 Public, Private and Degree Earning Institutions
  • Government Sector: Includes Federal, State and City outdoor public/private space development, clean energy and infrastructure planning, business districts (BIDs), hospitals.
  • Commercial Sector: Includes Commercial Real Estate Sector, Corporate Campuses, Energy Plants, Brick & Mortar Malls, Commercial Businesses, Hotels,

(* commercial entities such as IKEA, Apple, BMW, Google, Starbucks and 100 others commit to going 100% renewable by 2025)

How We Make Money

SolGreen® operates a scalable and repeatable business model and manufacturing process with no overhead/warehouse costs.

  • B2B
  • B2C
  • Future SaaS opportunities with software integration
  • 40% Profit Return

Use of Funds

We are looking raise $275,000 in early stage investment funds by offering equity in the form of U.S. Convertible Safe Notes. These early stage investment funds will be used for:

  • sales, revenue generation and marketing efforts,
  • expand commercialization (i.e. UL Certification) & existing IP
  • build strategic partnerships to fortify our leading market position.


$400,000 Sales
3 Issued Patents
6 Employees

Pitch Deck


  • Developed Concepts of Operations (Conops), elicit requirements for a first of its kind outdoor "solar Table' prototype.

    May, 2009
  • Successfully completed requirements testing against prototype and PV system at Arizona State University

    April, 2013
  • First US Patented Solar Power Umbrella Table.

    July, 2013
  • International Sales and growing sales to Canada

    January, 2015
  • Partnerships with US Distributors and manufactures

    November, 2015
  • over twenty six solar tables installed across the US and Canada

    November, 2016
  • SolGreen is selected to exhibit for 300+ city reps. & smart city partners from around the world at NIST Global City Teams Challenge- 8/2017

    June, 2017


 Alian Collazo
Alian Collazo
FIU President of Student Affairs
""...having the solar-powered tables continues to add to the great work FIU is doing and reaffirms students’ commitment to going green.""
Dr Robert Lake
Dr Robert Lake
Southern Georgia University -Professor
"These tables will provide students a space to not only spend free time, but a space to charge devices as well. The tables come with “four power outlets and four USB outlets, shut down automatically during rainstorms, can last five to seven days on stored power during overcast weather and contain LED lights for nighttime use."
  Mary Ann Jackson
Mary Ann Jackson
Student Green Ambassador -Bowie State Univers
"As the campus moves forward with optimizing its level of sustainability, the Solar Powered tables purchased from SolGreen Solutions is another great step forward. These tables are happily used by faculty and students alike!"
Jessica S. Townsen
Jessica S. Townsen
Pima Community College- Student
"This solar table is a practical solution to a growing problem and great investment for students and the school. "