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SolarList provides homeowners with the simplest way to switch to solar energy.

Why We Started This Company

SolarList was founded to expedite the deployment of clean, cheap residential solar energy systems across the country.

What Sets Us Apart

SolarList's national network of software-supercharged solar evangelists ("Solarists") allows us to originate prospective residential solar customers at cost structure that is superior to virtually all incumbent solar companies. Our Solarists are engines of customer acquisition that allow us to exploit personal networks. SolarList has successfully employed the industry's only scaleable approach to new customer acquisition.

Our Keys To Success

SolarList keys to building a successful business are: 1) listening to your customers; 2) being agile enough to iterate; 3) Recognizing traction and accelerating towards product/market fit; 4) Working with amazing people. SolarList has launched four different Minimum Viable Products in less than a year. After a series of learning experiences, we're moving full steam ahead with a business model that clients like...

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