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Socialeaderz INC

Socialeaderz INC

Greatness is not a given, it is achieved.

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Company Overview

A few years ago, one of our founders coined the term social recognition network. Overwhelming proof that substantiated the viability of the term and consequently the building of a product came from research in social group dynamics, social interaction, and existing social networking products. As a result, we jumped on the opportunity to build the first social recognition network. The idea of addressing a core human need such as social recognition, and not just a fad, was conceptually challenging and exciting. Further analysis and research revealed that this is a huge, untapped market. Very few products land into the market addressing a core human trait such as the need to be recognized. A good example of a company that tapped into another core human need was Facebook. In the field of social networking (digital or not) the need to connect is just as important as the need to be recognized. Facebook has addressed the core need of connection better than anyone else but has “kept” the need to be recognized from its users... Fast forward, Socialeaderz has been built and is ready to enter the social recognition market. We have an impressive founding team, qualified and driven to succeed, we have the vision and the relevant competencies in management, marketing and technical expertise required to make Socialeaderz a trend setter in social recognition. We are a Canadian startup but keep in mind, that we hire talented individuals from anywhere in the world to help build Socialeaderz. This strategy has helped keep the cost of development low while allowing us to choose from a larger pool of available talent.