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Collaborate + Create Together. Live.

Company Overview

Collaborate + Create Together. Live.

Smiletime leverages multiparty video at massive scale to enable anyone to join and create instant virtual gatherings around what matters to them. The human connection of your favorite festival meets the 24/7 access of your favorite online forum in this patented, full-stack solution that delivers instant collaboration and community.

The internet is an unequivocally powerful tool that has improved by orders of magnitude the way that we inform, entertain and share with one another. And yet, we are lonelier and more disconnected than ever, as our digital lives are spent chasing notifications and rarely feeling a sense of genuine, unadulterated connection. That’s why real life communal gatherings — festivals, conventions, meetups, clubs — are more in demand than they’ve been in decades. But those gatherings require tremendous planning and resources, and the opportunities are finite.


Smiletime combines the connection of IRL events with the accessibility of the internet to deliver social discovery that is always within reach. There’s no limit to the size of one of Smiletime’s virtual gatherings, nor are they limited to friends, family or coworkers. Instead, Smiletime gatherings are driven by shared passion and presence. Smiletime’s patented multiparty video at massive scale connects you to a community you didn’t even know you had.



1 Issued Patents


  • Released first of its kind iOS creator app featuring multi-location video coupled with infinite scale

    May, 2017
  • 12 weeks after signup, 72% of alpha creators went live weekly, averaging 110 min/creator/week

    November, 2016
  • Launched browser-based alpha version of consumer platform. Attracted early adopter influencer audience, with over 1000 rooms created

    August, 2016
  • Leveraged audience of major media partners (CW, TMZ) to build working prototype. Revenue: $600k+, 31% return rate, 72% audience engagement

    January, 2016