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Smart Business Commerce

Smart Business Commerce

My Success is your success!!

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Company Overview

PROGRESS REPORT – Growth plan 2019 to 2024

Smart Business Commerce.

Merchant Processing and eCommerce.

By: Christian Wiesendanger, CEO – (702) 332-7092


Christian Wiesendanger started in the business space in 2005 and has continued to strive to personal excellence.

In my first year of brokering business to various low and high-risk banks, I landed the monthly processing of VIVINT Home Security. This account alone brought in $60,000 per month in residual at a processing value of $12 MM per month.

In 2014, I was recruited by Connected.CO as a sales executive and in the 4.5 years that I was employed there, I built up a total processing volume of $3.5 MM per month and a total profit of $35,000 residual income per month to the company.

In November 2018, I was let go as a full time Sales Executive. Two days later, a call from my friend, Micah Kinsler, owner and CEO of MiCamp Solutions, registered with Wells Fargo as a wholesale ISO transformed my business into what it is today. I had no reservations and signed an independent agent agreement at 50-50% and started boarding merchants.

Within 4 months, I had boarded 47 accounts, and my residual share upgraded to 60%. A tremendous feat.


Smart Business Commerce was registered in 2018 and is going through restructuring. I have added Martin Muckleroy, Corporate Attorney, as a stock holder and am very certain that he will bring major value to our success. SBC has 64 accounts approved at MiCamp at a processing volume of $ 3,411,333.32, and a monthly residual blend of 1.7%. SBC has a total of 105 accounts approved with 36 of this total designated to various other banks and brokerages. SBC has also been given the opportunity to be one of only five agents that can submit CBD merchants to MiCamp on their CBD platform. The program is in its testing stage and because of SBC’s offering, we are in the process of signing up 10 more agent offices to submit CBD to MiCamp. With a total of 10 agent offices supplying us merchant application’s we can factually say that we can produce no less than forty to sixty submissions a month and at a minimum processing volume of $250,000.

SBC is currently working with various CBD business leaders and hopes to bring on an additional $40 MM of processing by years end.


Smart Business Commerce has had a wonderful year of growth and has boarded north of 100 accounts at present and 6 pending. On average SBC is boarding $500,000 per month of processing volume, which equates to, on average, about 10 merchant applications per month. Deal flow comes from various relationships fostered over many years, which included, Platinum Payments, Raise It, HMF Group and other referrals.

The total blend of the current residual income averages out at 1.7% per million. Merchants should be processing at full volume in about 3 to 6 month, and residual payments rise month over month.

The total blend of the portfolio is 65% mid risk and 35% high risk with an attrition rate of 2 accounts per month.

New business added: I have about 10 brand new agents/ISO offices and other business clients to add to our agent submission pool. I intend to sign these agents up once two key factors have been implemented.

  • MiCamp is currently working on the launch of their CBD program and has full approval from First Data/Wells Fargo, Meta Bank (Acquiring Bank) VISA and MASTERCARD. MiCamp has implemented a very stringent merchant acceptance program and will only accept CBD merchants from five agent outlets, which includes Smart Business Commerce.
  • Smart Business Commerce needs to raise $300,000 for new hires to handle expansion. Once this money has been set aside, Smart Business Commerce intends to Register with the card brands as a retail ISO through MiCamp Solutions and First Data/Wells Fargo. This strategy is purely to get recognition and as an exit strategy. MiCamp will have first right of refusal to acquire our portfolio at 20 to 30 X the multiple and buy out our position and continue our relationship with our merchants.

My current word of mouth of this program has cultivated 10 new agent programs and future business.

The $300k will be earmarked for salaries/expantion to include two salespeople and an application processor.

Agent # 1 has no experience in merchant processing but adds 20 years of sales experience. This agent will be trained to only handle the influx of CBD submission and leads. This agent will also procure CBD retail merchants in the Dallas area.

Agent # 2 This agent will be sauced through an employment agency. Looking for VP of a low risk ISO that sees no growth at his current firm and has a large rolodex of low to medium risk clients that he can bring over. He will also bring over fresh idea’s and know how to prepare us for our growth to the finish line. He will be offered a salary and stock in the company.


  • – Independent Agent ISO – can bring 10+ CBD merchants per month.
  • WIN Is an insurance program developer who offers specified insurance to members of A specified SIC ( Standard Industrial Code) which includes CBD merchants both Retail and Ecommerce, class direct access to coverage on a much more efficient basis that is tailored for their insurance needs as directed by their risk managers and friends at Lloyds of London and elsewhere. All of these clients have a need for e-commerce solutions that are being brought forth to Christian Wiesendanger. Clearly, they are going to have to walk this in through the First program in development.The business model utilizing SBC’s credit card capabilities and revenue generation will allow us to gain access to a lot of Main Street business that we are trying to solicit for Christian Wiesendanger.In return, we do not have to pay the necessary fee basis as WIN will be able to build and offset fees, so we do not incur additional charges taking away from our potential profits.
  • This Merchant Processor, processes about $23 Billion annually and currently sits on 1200 agent reps. They are looking for a CBD program that they can put out to all their agents. They have our application mapped into their CRM and will start a far-reaching campaign to market retail – brick and mortar CBD clients to their agents and build a large-scale CBD program through Smart Business Commerce.
  • Has shown interest in our CBD program and will turn over any future leads to SBC in the future.
  • Is a small agent group (brokerage) in Utah doing about 20 new Nutra merchants per month and will be switching gears and going after start-up CBD merchants. We will receive on average about 10 new merchants per month.
  • Neil was National VP for Esquire Bank, and I have known Neil for years. Currently, Neil is an independent agent with a very big contact list. He intends to market our CBD program to his client base.
  • Is another small and growing ISO which will market our program to all their agents.
  • Small agent office looking forward to capitalizing on the CBD business. Base out of Utah and well connected in the coaching space.
  • Ron is currently starting up his own CBD program/MLM CBDSmart. Ron is an entrepreneur and sees potential everywhere. Ron has friends who own a full-service CBD fulfillment center and have many merchants who need CBD merchant services. Ron will become an agent and tap into his circles of influence. Ron’s partner owns 5 luxury car dealerships with an annual processing volume of around $40 million. Ron is bringing us this account, so we can balance our CBD submissions at MiCamp. MiCamp has a strict low-high risk platform balancing program, and all agents are being appraised that for every 1 CBD account, we need 1 low-risk non-CBD merchant to balance out our portfolio. Ron's intends to bring in $100 million in low risk processing introductions.

SBC has no other option now than to raise $300,000 to hire staff in the form of two agents and a processor/quality controller. SBC is looking at hiring a seasoned veteran in the merchant processing space and who produce no less than 500 accounts a year. Our second agent will handle the in-house CBD accounts and increase flow to the banks/underwriting. A processor or quality controller will be brought on to increase application flow and operations.

SBC is going to register as a retail ISO or Independent Sales Organization with VISA/MASTERCARD through MiCamp purely as notoriety and as an exit strategy. In four to five years, MiCamp has projected to sell and will offer to buy SBC’s portfolio of accounts at 20 to 30 times the income value to inflate their portfolio. It is our intent to have no fewer than 3000 to 5000 accounts at this stage producing no less than $1.2 Million per month of residual income.

By partnering up with SBC at this momentous time, gives you the opportunity to consistently share in our growth and journey to our exit strategy by building a vertical income approach of $1 Billion of processing per annum in 5 years and a massive bonus buy out at the end.


SBC is seeking $300,000 for immediate growth and registration. This $300,000 will be allocated only for employment and Salaries for one year.

The return on this investment is based on Agent #1 boarding $250,000 per month in high-risk CBD at a total of $3 million in year 1 at a net income of 0.84% or $8400 per Million per month with equates to a profit of $25,200 in year 1.

Agent #2 will be dedicated to produce no less than $12 million in low risk processing volume in year 1 with a net profit of 0.40% or $4000 per Million with equates to $48,000 per month profit in year 1.

Agent #3 Christian Wiesendanger, CEO will continue to bring in no less than $6 Million per annum of processing at a net profit of 0.80% or $48,000 per month, which will equate to $96,000 in year 2.

Total anticipated monthly income ending 2020 - $169,200 per month or $2,030,400 per annum.

EXIT STRATEGY (5 to 10 years) Smart Business Commerce:

The opportunity for growth in the next four years is immense and based on a first right of refusal buy out exit strategy this can only create enthusiasm. Micamp Solutions registered wholesale ISO, intent is to sell in 4 to 5 years and has the first right of refusal to buy our portfolio of accounts and wrap that into their exit strategy. This gives us every reason to grow this company into a major retail ISO with no less than a Billion Dollars of merchant processing per year. So, if my calculations are correct and by a capital investment to start at $300,000 will bring us $1.2 million in residual per month and Micamp pays us between 20 to 30 times that multiple then the buy-out creates a staggering payout to investors when that times comes. This investment has now created a massive opportunity for investors to get in now.!!!

Human growth Investments: I already know that in-house Sales representatives cost $50,000 per year or a $4200 per month investment and are task to bring in $250,000 processing volume per month at a net profit of 0.80% or $2000 per month, then each agent investment equates to $24,000 gross per month after month 12 or a net profit per agent of $19,800 per month at full maturity (12 months) SBC’s intention is to hire two or more agents per year escalating profit to $1,260,000 per month after four years. With this in mind, Smart Business Commerce is offering independent agents and investors certainty. Our philosophy now becomes, send us as much business as you can and in the next 5 years as there is a big bonus payout to you and all in 4 to 5 years.

With the current business, intentional business and future business, conservative calculation will show a growth of:

Year 1 - $6,000,000 per month processing: ACHIEVED

Year 2 - $21,000,000 per month processing: Gross income $125,000 per month.

Year 3 – 48,000,000 per month processing: Gross income $288,000 per month.

Year 4 - $102,000,000 per month processing: Gross income $612,000 per month.

Year 5 - 210,000,000,000 per month processing: Gross income $ 1,260,000 per month.

Current Profit and Loss per month: Please note that our merchants processing volume has not yet reach maturity of $6,000,000 per month. We are currently at $2,000,000 per month volume and growing month over month.

Monthly Profit and Loss 2019




Investment property











Back Taxes



Credit Cards











Monthly and growing**



Residuals (out)






***** All information is true and correct and is meant to remain private and confidential. *****