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Free voice and video calls for the emerging populations

Company Overview

SliQ, from SliQBits, is the world’s first free voice and video call app for the billions in emerging markets. Unlike FaceTime, which works only for iPhones, (88% global smartphones are non-Apple) and Skype mobile which is very difficult to use, SliQ works on 2g/3g networks as low as 50kbps. In India, consumers are super cost conscious and savings of 50% on voice calls is big. We have brought the cost of a voice call down to 0.5c/minute and video calls to below 1c/minute. Voicecalls even work on 20kbps bitrate!

Our board members are Sanjay Kapoor ex-CEO Airtel, Vijay Amritraj the Indian Tennis legend and Bruce Ames, top ten scientist globally.

Our app is available on Google Play store and will come integrated with the Android operating system on phones such as from Xiaomi, Samsung and Micromax. iPhone app will be available in early October, 2015.

Our video engines are licensable to companies such as WhatsApp, SnapChat and even Viber (whose video call service is does not work below 200kbps).

Our revenues come from banner and video ads at bottom of the video call screen (similar to TVs). Plus we incorporate “Jingle” ads in the first 3 rings of a voice or video call. Nestle in India is the first to advertise on our platform. Pepsi and Coke to follow.

Our apps are regionalized, starting with India in English, Hindi and Telugu. Moreover, we enable our emerging consumers to watch infotainment: sports, news, music and film clips on LOW bandwidth networks. This has not been possible before.

Our app is free. Below are 2 tables: one which shows revenues and the other, comparison with our competition.