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Company Overview

Why are fast-food restaurants so popular? Simple and limited menu, presented visually, packaged nicely, easy to consume in bite sizes. People want to consume and share information in the same way. SlideBatch recognizes and meets this demand. It allows anyone to discover, create, and share batches of digital content such as videos, images, articles, and documents in a visual way around a topic or purpose for an intended audience. Presented and digested this way, batches help to market, communicate, educate, sell, inform and more.

Ready to Accelerate

SlideBatch has launched and been tested by a number of pilot customers over the past six months, validating its use and demand. The majority of the capital raised in this round will fund marketing and sales to drive up customer adoption, SaaS conversions and KPI's that lead to high value in the market. It will continue to foster self-publishers, uses its own tool to publish content, and aggressively market to consumers. To simplify targeting of self-publishers and consumers and to maximize growth, it has created content channels such as marketing, PR, education, politics and nutrition. Initially, it will focus on marketing, PR, and politics. To attract and retain new users, it will market directly to social sites and email inboxes, while fostering an engaging community. It also will continue to develop key relationships with self-publishers who view content batches as a powerful alternative to creating blogs, Powerpoints, videos, podcasts and other media forms.

Market & Revenue Opportunity

SlideBatch offers a unique solution in a vast and exponentially growing digital media market. It provides a freemium version of its product along with upgrades to its private-label, SaaS plans. It has affordable plans for individual users and premium plans for enterprise companies. The margins on each of these plans are very high and will help to accelerate growth. In fact, it has already sold to a handful of clients, including Fortune 500 company, Graybar Electric, and the Missouri Secretary of State and Treasurer. SlideBatch will also create value through KPI's such as free account users, page views and organic growth metrics. As a publisher, it will generate revenue through ads and sponsorships.

Competition and Alternatives

Popular ways people consume information fit other demands, but come up short as a visual, topic-centric, content piece. Web searches are a great place to start, but are overloaded and lack presentation. Social sites such as Facebook are great for quick posts, but do not go deeper around a topic. Web articles are often too textual and difficult to sift through. Slideshows such as PowerPoint are great for presentations, but not flexible enough.

SlideBatch stands out because of its commitment to two ingredients: 1) Any content from anywhere--web content, uploaded multimedia and documents, and imported content from Dropbox and others; 2) Flexible organization and design to meet the needs of a variety of publishers and consumers. Some similar solutions focus on only web content, others focus on just file sharing, most do not advance the visual experience. SlideBatch's deliberate effort to combine comprehensive authoring and design needs sets it apart.

Join Our Investors

Current Investors in SlideBatch come from a remarkable set of backgrounds and industries. This not only speaks to its wide appeal but gives it a broad reach into the marketplace. SlideBatch invites you to join in on this new form of publishing. It is paving the way to clean up content around ideas, make it intelligent, engaging, reusable, easy to find, follow and share. In short, the way many consumers want and need it.


2500 Users
5 Employees

Pitch Deck


  • Announced three business solutions: Content Marketing Batches, PR Newsroom and Video/Media Libraries

    March, 2015
  • Major product update targeted at business solutions and publishing

    April, 2015
  • Surpassed 60k users, 2500 free accounts, 135k monthly page views

    April, 2015
  • Launched Content Curation video batch series with 10 thought leaders in Content Marketing , over 14k views (

    December, 2014
  • Endorsements from 3 of the top 50 thought leaders in Content Marketing

    October, 2014
  • Beta product launched with initial customers -- Graybar, Buckeye International, Fat Chimp Studios, Gamers Baseball

    July, 2014


Gine Dietrich
Gine Dietrich
CEO of Arment Dietrich (Marketing Communicati
"“I was expecting it to be just another thing that I would feel uncomfortable when they asked me what I thought, but I was blown away. SlideBatch is going to change the look and feel of your newsrooms forever.”"
Tom Martin
Tom Martin
Author “Invisible Sale”, Digital Strategi
"“I'm most interested in how SlideBatch allows you to add context to curated content...also really digging how it can be used by marketing depts to create useful content that sales can then push to leads/prospects to help close the deal.”"
Shep Hyken
Shep Hyken
Customer Service Expert, Professional Speaker
"“I’m using it to consolidate all of my media articles, another batch for photos clients ask for, another batch for testimonials (different batches for different industries) and more. Also, I’m creating “batches” of content that I’m finding on the Internet to consolidate the research I do for articles. Good for marketing, sharing content, training — even storing important files. “"
Barry Feldman
Barry Feldman
CEO Feldman Creative, Top 100 Influencer in C
"“You have to check out @slidebatch. Awesome concept. Amazingly simple.”"