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SkyWay Group Companies

SkyWay Group Companies


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Company Overview

Innovative Transport System New Generation of the High Technologies

SIGN UP NOW and immediately receive 100 pieces of shares with worth $100 for free just for signing up without any investment.


SkyWay Project: Efficient and environmentally friendly the String Technology SkyWay - Transport of new generation that meets the standards of the 21st century and able to take up to 50% of the world market of transport, to improve the quality of life and make our world a better place. See project video presentation or manual presentation.

Types of Transport:

1. High-speed (mounted & suspended) - Designed for intercity passenger transportation over long distances (up to 10,000 km). Speed: up to 500 km/h, Performance: more than 500,000 passengers/day, Maximum gradient: 20%.

2. Urban (mounted & suspended) - Designed for passenger transportation over short distances (up to 200 km). It is harmoniously included into urban development. Speed: up to 150 km/h, Performance: more than 25,000 passengers/day, Maximum gradient: 45%.

3. Cargo (mounted & suspended) - Designed for cargo transportation (including on hard-to-reach and underdeveloped territories). Speed: up to 150 km/h (suspended); up to 500 km/h (mounted), Performance: more than 200 mln tons/year, Maximum gradient: 60%.

All types of SkyWay transports is energetically highly-efficient, low-noise, safe and Eco-friendly.

Advantages of technology: Safety, Eco-friendliness, Comparison with other types of transport, Comparison with magnetic levitation train, Prospects in the world, Unibikes (propelled by muscular power of a passenger).

Constituents of Technology: Types of rails (flexible, semirigid, rigid), Rail structure, Beam overpass (comparison with conventional bridge), Passenger unibus configuration, Wheels (comparison with conventional ones), Control systems (gps, gprs, wifi, glonass, etc.).

Main Technological Achievements:

1. Resistance to temperature difference - Pre-stressed rail allows to solve the problem of thermal distortion and makes route construction possible even in the most adverse climatic conditions.

2. High evenness (comparison of ordinary support and SKYWAY) - Uncut structure of a string rail strained between anchor supports gives high evenness of the track and reduces road construction costs by times.

3. Smooth movement (comparison of bridge and SKYWAY overpass) - More simple design of the supporting node compared to a split flyover makes vehicle movement smooth and comfortable for a passenger.

4. Aerodynamics - Vehicle location above the ground level ensures its improved aerodynamic characteristics and significantly reduces energy consumption during movement.

5. Efficiency of sagging track (energy conservation law) - With special configurations, efficiency of SkyWay transport systems can be additionally improved using a gravity engine. 6. Carrying capacity - SkyWay transport systems can provide uninterrupted passenger and cargo transportation in volumes, which are satisfactory even for modern megalopolises.

Awards & Certificates:

1. Two United Nations grants for the development.

2. Three Gold quality marks "Russian Mark".

3. Two international awards "Golden Chariot" in the nomination " Project of the Year in Transport" ( Ministry of Transport and the State Duma of Russian Federation).

4. Two gold medals of All-Russian Exhibition Centre.

5. More than 30 diplomas at international exhibitions.

6. Conclusion of Russian Federation Academy of Science.

SIGN UP NOW and immediately receive 100 pieces of shares with worth $100 for free just for signing up without any investment.


1. The holder of the shares: Euroasian Rail SkyWay Systems Holding Limited (ERSS HL) visit company website, Company No. is 1872233 - check registration, Certificate ID is A1DB43C6F8 - check certificate, founding year 2015, team size over 170 technical specialists-engineers and designers

2. ERSS HL partner & member of SkyWay group company: First Skyway Invest Group Ltd. (FSIG Limited) visit company website, Company No. is 09320759, founding year 2015, founding year 2015, team people 17

3. Competitors: Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, Future Mobility Park & Hyperloop one

4. Industry: Transportation & Distribution

5. Sector: Newest innovation technologies

6. Investment stage: early-stage, actually 8th stage of 15th at company development plan

7. Planned date for starting of pre-works for preparation to IPO: end of 2017 with the completion of construction of EcoTechnoPark as a kind of a showroom for launching the technology on the world market of transport services and selling SkyWay technologies

8. Planned IPO: 2018

9. Euroasian Rail SkyWay Systems Holding ISIN code: VGG322291094, check code

10. Shares: $1 par value, series "A" & "B"

11. Discount range: 1:30 - 1:300

12. Packages of shares Series "A": The most expensive package is a $1.920.000 current cost/$1.161.600.000 par value/1161600000 pcs. & The cheapest package is a $500 current cost/$100.000 par value/100000 pcs. look full list share prices series "A"

13. Packages of shares Series "B": The most expensive package is a $150.000 current cost/$45.000.000 par value/45000000 pcs. & The cheapest package is a $15 current cost/$450 par value/450 pcs. look full list share prices series "B"

14. Possible methods of shares acquisition: buy now online series "B" shares and even purchase in instalment few type of packages for series "B" & few objects series "A"

15. Possible methods receiving certificate of shares: online electronically and/or by international mailing of original form

16. Payment methods online for acquisition shares series "B" :


17. The total amount of pre-orders SkyWay technology: $180,4 billion included - $88,0 bn Australia (High-speed highway "Melbourne - Sydney - Brisbane" and further around Australia), $66,0 bn Eurepean Union (High-speed track "London - Berlin - Moscow" and then to Tokyo), $4,4 bn Russia (High-speed highway "Moscow - Minsk - Vilnius - Kaliningrad"), $5,5 bn UAE (UAE Urban highways in Dubai and Sharjah), $7,7 bn Vietnam (High-speed track "Hanoi - Ho Chi Minh") and $8,8 bn Bolivia (Iron ore cargo route "Mutun - sea port in the Pacific Ocean").



Invest in the innovation technology SkyWay transport and get a 1000% even more profit or of raising own capital up to 300 times within 2-3 years.

SIGN UP NOW and immediately receive 100 pieces of shares with worth $100 for free just for signing up without any investment.

This is an opportunity to become a shareholder and co-owner of the business through direct investment in managing the company's business with the possibility of even remotely online, make your contribution to the business project on a global scale and acquire shares at an affordable price, because upon completion of EcoTechnoPark construction their cost will be determined by the market.

Funding goal is $300 mil. and funding raised so far $38 mil. but you can invest as low as from the $15 and more so-as it is available to individual investors, angels, venture investors and a anybody even through directly online too.


1. SkyWay – if you want your time to belong to you

2. Yunitskiy's Sky Ways

3. What is EcoTechnoPark

4. SkyWay on International Trade Fair for Transport Technology "Innotrans 2016" in Berlin, Germany

5. The American financial expert about the SkyWay technology

6. The interview with Rod Hook, the former minister of transport of the Southern Australia and the head of the company “Rod Hook & Associates”

7. The test of the SkyWay Unibus compartment for its capacity

8. Anatoly Yunitskiy about operation trials

9. Sky Way Transport Australia November 2016

SIGN UP NOW and immediately receive 100 pieces of shares with worth $100 for free just for signing up without any investment.


187 Employees
39 Issued Patents

Pitch Deck


  • Honorary Certificate / Institute of mechanics of metal-polymer systems of the Academy of Sciences of the BSSR. - Gomel

    June, 1985
  • Diploma of Anatoly Yunitskiy on awarding the honorary title "Knight of science and arts" / Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. - Moscow

    October, 2000
  • Certificate of the Golden quality mark / National Program for promotion of best Russian technologies "Russian Brand". - Moscow

    October, 2001
  • Certificate of Mr. Anatoly Yunitskiy / The Symposium & Exhibition "Urban Transport Systems". - Tripoli

    September, 2003
  • Diploma "Project of the Year of Transport Industry" / International Transport Industry Public Award "Golden Chariot". - Moscow

    October, 2011
  • Two United Nations grants for the development

    November, 2015


Tatiana Yarygina
Tatiana Yarygina
"I became a shareholder in April 2014, as soon as I found out about the project of Anatoly Yunitskiy. The question of fraud did not arise at all. I decided that such a scientist should receive help whatever the outcome of events. The project simply thrilled me and gave a chance to see the future of mankind!!! Later I continued my investments. Now I have no doubt of the victory of the SkyWay transport technology over expensive and inefficient existing technologies on Earth! "
Nikolai Komisaruk
Nikolai Komisaruk
locomotive driver, Representative of the Skyw
"The desire to become a representative of the Skyway Company came to me immediately after reviewing the project and acquaintance with its creator A. Yunitskiy. I have worked as a locomotive driver for a long time and then − 5 years on the Railways. Only a single-track section of the railway goes to my city of Grodno where the speed of diesel trains is about 50 km/h. "
Galina Agureeva
Galina Agureeva
Representative of the Skyway Company
"Why did we decide to become a representative?First: it is because Anatoly Yunitskiy studied at school in our city. Second: we always wanted to devote ourselves to something meaningful in life, to some mission. But the main thing is to help Yunitskiy in implementing such a global project."
Sergey Movchan
Sergey Movchan
"I saw the project for the first time quite a long time ago, but I did not pay proper attention to it. Later I regretted about it. After the second reading (approximately six months later), I was surprised at my own carelessness. People! Do not repeat my mistakes! Read carefully this great offer. Do not be so disrespectful to your destiny, which gives you a sign and you do not listen."
Natalia Oboskalova
Natalia Oboskalova
"I’ve been reflecting over the subject of investing for many years. Two years ago I started to take the first steps. Frankly speaking, some of them were not correct. Quite a lot of money was lost. I came to the SkyWay Company as an investor. And I came just by accident. I found a post in the Internet where it was written: "You can buy shares here" and a link. I entered it, because the subject was important for me. And I immediately believed and trusted its designer A. Yunitskiy. "
Sergey Zavarykin
Sergey Zavarykin
Shareholder, Representative of the Skyway Com
"The decision to become a representative did not come by accident, at first I became a shareholder, then a partner. However, when I saw the opportunity to become a representative of RSW and to open an office, it dawned on me and I could not miss this opportunity to both make money and help the company to enter quickly the world market."
Yulia Agafonova
Yulia Agafonova
Technology developer
"I see a great future in the Sky Way Company, therefore, I cooperate in the development of this technology. I hope that a greater number of people will believe in the project and will be able to help in investing to the SkyWay transport technology."