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The Power of Teens

Dallas, Texas, US

marketplaces, mobile apps, education technology, teens, financial literacy training, job placement service providers gig economy freemi, gig economy

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$50,000 of $1,300,000
Convertible Note

Skratch is raising $1,300,000 with a minimum reservation of $100,000. Numbers displayed include non-binding reservations before investors are verified, signed, or closed.


  • 10 Billion Dollar Addressable Market
  • Multiple Revenue Channels
  • Solid Early Traction

Elevator Pitch

Skratch is a highly scalable relevant mobile solution, helping teach financial literacy by bringing back teaching income to today's teens and delivering valuable teen performed services to communities


2,500 Users
$20 per week Transaction Volume
3 Employees
2 Issued Patents


5,000 downloads in 9 zip codes

October, 2017

60% of active users have used app more than 3 times

October, 2017

Active Pilot program with Boys and Girls Clubs of Collin County

July, 2017

Winner 25K Fast Pitch Big Bang Social Impact Conference

November, 2017

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Skratch make money?

Skratch takes a percentage or commission of each completed transaction. There is also a n opportunity to help unbanked teens with a financial vehicle. There is data aggregation. There is ad revenue

How is Skratch safe?

Safety is our first priority. For the safety of each of our families, all users over the age of 17 are screened with the state sex offender registry. Also no teen can be on the platform without parental consent. We notify parents of those persons under 18 of all activities on Skratch.

What are the ages of teens on Skratch?

The platform is specifically for teens ages 14-19. While not an employer, Skratch aligns with Federal Child Labor standards.