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Instant, Interactive videos and stories

Boston, Massachusetts, US

consumer internet, media, tech startup, Advertising & Marketing

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Company Overview

SKIT! app is the interactive animated video app for telling stories - like Instagram or YouTube for animated mini videos. We enable users to create, share, and remix animated videos using their own photos, images from the Web or a range of characters and backdrops within the app. And every story shared can be remixed, continued, or just sampled, allowing stories to inspire and evolve to new forms of expression. For the first time, kids can safely create and interact with videos online. To quote a user, "Skit is like YouTube, but you don't have to show your face, and you can make anything you want!"

Since the launch of our Beta in 2014, over 40,000 Skits created and shared. We've also enjoyed over 3.5 million views, comments, and remixes -- our "engagement" metric. And SKIT! has been featured in Bloomberg, Mobile Marketer, Mashable, CNet, TechCrunch, Android Central, Macaroni Kid, and more.

We currently partner with Warner Bros who leverages SKIT! to engage with their brand audiences. Most recently we ran a creation campaign for The LEGO Movie which produced over 2000 Lego Skits -- more social content than 11 feature-length movies combined.

SKIT! previously raised $600k+ in angel financing from prominent investors including TechStars, Cloud Power Capital, Warner Bros, Federal Street Angels, and more. SKIT! has offices in Boston, New York, and Los Angeles.


Max Woon co-founded Xfire - acquired by Viacom for $102m. Robin Johnson, from @EA, worked with DreamWorks, and shipped #1 iPad storybook app

October, 2014

Over 50,000 SKIT! Videos Created and Shared

March, 2015

40% active user retention, almost twice the average photo/video app or social app.

February, 2015

SKIT Views Growing at 29% Month over Month

December, 2014

SKIT Shares Growing at 12% Month over Month

December, 2014

4 Million Engagements (e.g. Comments, Likes, Remixes, etc)

February, 2015

Super loyal users: 90% who are active in month five are active in month six.

February, 2015


SKIT! brings animated messaging and storytelling to the masses with an app that makes it easy to be creative and have fun. The "interactive YouTube".
Robin Johnson Co-Founder & CEO at SKIT!
Robin Johnson
The SKIT! guys know storytelling better than anyone. They've made an amazing platform for kids to safely interact with online videos for the first time!
Andy Aguiluz Program Manager at Techstars Austin
Andy Aguiluz
It’s very easy to see how SKIT! can add value to any type of entertainment producer or publisher across the entire industry.
Dave Miller VP Global Digital Marketing at Warner Bros In
Dave Miller
SKIT! is a place to make friends, have fun, and pretty much find out who you really are. I love skit.
@cheers Beta User at SKIT!
Skit! has developed an innovative, viral, simple and fun way for fans to interact with their favorite content and share with their friends. We are excited to leverage this.
John Attanasio VP of Global Marketing, Warner Home Ent.
John Attanasio
Strong team with a deep background in the gaming and animation space. The product is wonderful and highlights the reality that we now speak in pictures and video, and makes that dead simple. It's truly the next evolution in bidirectional visual communication.
Micah Baldwin Founder at Graphicly
Micah Baldwin
Max and Robin make insane products.
Rob Shavell Founder at Abine
Rob Shavell


Team Member Name

Marco Marmolejos

Lead Developer - iOS

Team Member Name

Edwin Rodriguez

Design Director

Team Member Name

Josh Ramon

Comedy Director

Team Member Name

Joshua Nicholson

Content Creation Specialist