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Sierra Kombucha

Sierra Kombucha

Produce deliciously refreshing kombucha for your enjoyment!

Why We Started This Company

We saw a need in the marketplace for a kombucha that has a delicious and refreshing flavor that is palatable to the mainstream consumer. As kombucha, and other healthy food and beverages, become an appealing option for the consumer, our goal is to provide an option that is both healthy and tasty.

What Sets Us Apart

There are many commercial kombucha brewers penetrating the market. We believe our product is a viable player in the market due to our unique recipe that produces a healthy and delicious beverage. The kombucha market is growing and like craft beer there is the opportunity to have multiple kombucha brands selling side by side, allowing the consumer to pick and choose what brands they like best. Because our kombucha is considered "middle of the road", we are appealing to a wide audience.

Our Keys To Success

Our keys to success include a great recipe, strong business background of the owners, a solid business plan, and the ability to execute and adjust the plan based on performance.

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