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Show Your Label

Show Your Label

Show Your Label provides exclusive insider access to top independent designers

Why We Started This Company

how Your Label provides exclusive insider access to high quality, hand-selected independent designers. On, members can read about our designers, learn what inspires them and what drives their passion. We’re committed to excellence and quality. We’re committed to our customers and our designers. And we’re committed bringing products that set members apart from the crowd.

What Sets Us Apart

Show Your Label actively markets specific designers as well as the Show Your Label site. This includes content around fashion trends, interviews with the designers, providing additional services/resources/connections to less established designers. Our ultimate goal is to help the independent designer gain their own loyal following.

Our Keys To Success

We are focused on: - Delivering the best customer service at all touch points, from user interface to customer service - Developing close relationships with all our designers - Developing high level of engagement with our customers - Creating fun, informative, and relevant content

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