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Shoplift Incorporated

Shoplift Incorporated

We bring the mall to YOU! Shopping retail has never been this easy!

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Company Overview

Shoplift was created to give people what they want and cut out what they don’t. In 2014, I was seriously injured in a bus accident. The injury prohibited me from walking, sitting, standing or carrying anything for 3 years. During that time I gained weight and needed to buy new clothes. However, I couldn’t actually go to the mall because of my limitations. Online shopping ws unsatisfying, slow and 95% of my items didn’t fit. It was a VERY trying time. Out of my experience the concept of shoplift was born.

Shoplift combines online shopping, local retail, and delivery in a way it’s NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE!!! Shoplift is the UBER Eats of retail. Shoplift is a mobile application that allows consumers to shop the actual current inventory of any participating local store.

The consumer can upload a virtual image of themselves. This will allow consumers to get suggestions of their accurate sizing if they want it. The consumer can order their items and have them delivered as quickly as 2 hours later.

Shoplift is perfect for disabled, busy working class, quick shopping for an event and SO MANY MORE...