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Anything, Anywhere, Anytime - Invest in the future of on-demand shipping powered by Artificial Intelligence.

San Francisco, California, US

internet, technology, mobile, saas, trucking, freight, logistics and shipping , cargo

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Company Overview

Meet Shipsi - The next generation shipping platform powered by Artificial Intelligence

Logistics is evolving fast. Over the next decade all logistics will become on-demand and real time . Shipsi allows companies to become more efficient and save money by serving as the bridge between traditional logistics and the on-demand revolution. With just a few clicks Shipsi allows immediate package pickup and delivery to anywhere in the world, with the same convenience and efficiency as you experience with Uber today, but for shipping.

Make a Wise Investment In the Future World Leader in Logistics Industry

With the Global Logistics market being a $4.6 trillion marketplace, split into 3rd party logistics ($750 billion) and the digital logistics market ($16 billion), Shipsi now offers a unique model that touches all parts of this marketplace, as well as the new, $57.6 billion on-demand economy.

This is truly a deeply vetted investment venture with minimized risk and mind-blowing reward potential. With our Silicon Valley team and partners like Transpay, Uber, TPF Network who are leaders in the industry, Shipsi technology is already built and tested, ready to hit the market. But in order to do this, we are in need of your precious support.


100000 Users
8 Employees

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Partnership with DRT logistics announced

April, 2017

New business enquiries growing +-80% week on week

March, 2017

Traffic growing at +-50% week on week

February, 2017

Partnership with GoBuyology announced

February, 2017

Reached 7,000 followers on Twitter

February, 2017

Reached 900 followers on Facebook

February, 2017

Digital Marketing Campaign Launched

January, 2017

Uber Integration Complete

December, 2016

First transaction processed

November, 2017

Second investment raised($140K)

October, 2016

Partnership with TPF announced

September, 2016

Beta Site Launched

October, 2016

Development started

August, 2016

First investment raised($125K)

July, 2016

Shipsi Conceptualized

July, 2016


Shipsi is the platform our network has been waiting for, a game changer for our industry.
Desmond Falla Chairman, TPF Network
Desmond Falla
Transglobal Cargo would definitely want to participate with Shipsi.Logistics on Demand is the future of how B2B and B2C would transact and Shipsi would be the perfect platform for this…A game changer for our industry.
Pooven Naidu Transglobal Cargo
Pooven Naidu