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Change Your Underwear, Change The World

Why We Started This Company

To solve a taboo issue for 2 billion women + girls around the world. First, we couldn't believe that in the 21st century there are no innovative undergarment solutions for that "time of the month". To solve this, we created a high-tech pair of beautiful leak/stain-resistant underwear. Second, we couldn't believe that millions of girls in the developing world drop out of school because they didn't have the right resources to manage their cycles. We partnered with AFRIpads to provide a solution.

What Sets Us Apart

We are solving an issue for 2 billion women and girls worldwide. The first is a solution for the developed world. We created a patent-pending, comfortable, beautiful underwear that is leak and stain-resistant, anti-microbial and moisture-wicking for that "time of the month." THINX is also the most thoughtful underwear because it thinks of girls around the world, partnering with AFRIpads to create local jobs and fund the production of 7 washable cloth pads for every pair of underwear sold.

Our Keys To Success

Best-in-class product. Best-in-class team. Best-in-class vision for the future with a sustainable profit + purpose business model to drive change and success.

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