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patented market proven internet Supply Chain & eCommerce system enabling lower cost, less environmental damage than Amazon same day delivery

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SharedChain a patented, market proven internet Supply Chain and eCommerce system enabling same day delivery at lower cost than Amazon, with less environmental damage than long distance rush shipping.

Company Overview

SharedChain offers an “Old New Way” to revolutionize supply chains and enable lowest cost same day order/delivery, using patented internet technology and blockchain, and abandoning “Just In Time” delivery in favor of a return to bulk shipment, local warehousing, and bundled store/home deliveries. The result is the ability to do same day order delivery at lower prices than Amazon and make local retailers cost competitive with Walmart. This method of supply chain also wastes far less energy than long distance rush deliveries, and less packaging waste that harms our environment and wildlife. SharedChain executed successful test sales and same day deliveries using our system in Los Angeles. With no need for fixed investment (we are a back office system, our clients provide warehouse and transportation, distribution services) and great profitability from our average 4% of sales transaction fee we have excellent profit margins.We're now raising funds either via equity investment, convertible note, or SAFE investment. We may do an Initial Coin Offering to create a cryptocurrency utility token to use data on the blockchain we will be adding later this year. Early investors will be awarded some of our cryptocurrency tokens.

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Raj Dias
Raj Dias
Former VP CH Robinson, supply chain expert
"SharedChain is a brilliant solution to supply chain problems plaguing both small retailers and small manufacturers. Their patented system and revolutionary new approach to supply chain and eCommerce will receive great market support."

Previous Funding

  • $100,000 Equity
  • Raise Source: Investors
  • January 2018
  • $150,000 Equity
  • Raise Source: Self
  • January 2017

Risks & Disclosures

SharedChain Investment Risk Disclosures

Any investment entails substantial, inherent risks of loss of capital.All investors should research SharedChain, company leadership and industry conditions, and only invest funds that they can afford to lose.

This list of potential risks is provided to illustrate potential risks management is aware of, but it is impossible to anticipate every threat to company.

1.All company investment should be made assuming that the entire investment could be lost.

2.Investments in small businesses and start-up companies are often especially risky.

3.SharedChain is not subject to Sarbanes-Oxley regulations and may lack the financial controls and procedures of public companies.

4.SharedChain's management has experience, but is pursuing a new system of supply chain management and advanced technology

5.SharedChain is a new company, and thus investors cannot evaluate SharedChain's operating history.

6.While we believe we are in compliance with State and federal security laws, there is an inherent risk of violating some regulation we are not now aware of.

7.The company may pursue an “initial coin offering” that may involve regulatory risks or lawsuits.

8.The Securities offered will not be registered, and no one has passed upon either the adequacy of the disclosure contained herein or the fairness of the terms of the offering.

9.There is no public trading market for the securities, and none may develop. The securities sold in this offering are restricted and not freely transferable.

10.There can be no assurance that sharedchain will ever file a registration statement to register such securities, that such registration statement will become effective, or that once effective, such effectiveness will be maintained.

11.SharedChain may need additional capital, which may not be available.

12.SharedChain may require funds in excess of its existing cash resources to fund operating deficits, develop new products or services, establish and expand its marketing capabilities, and finance general and administrative activities.

13.SharedChain does not currently have any lawsuits or threats of pending lawsuits, but all companies are vulnerable to lawsuits.

14.The offering price of the securities offered on the Site has been arbitrarily determined and may not be indicative of its actual value or future market prices.

15.SharedChain's management intends to use funds raised to launch operations, but has broad discretion in how SharedChain use the net proceeds of this offering.

16.SharedChain may not be able to manage its potential growth.

17.SharedChain has a patent and a new way to conduct Supply Chain operations and eCommerce, but does faces significant competition from existing companies.

18.SharedChain's growth relies on market acceptance which is not predictable.

19.SharedChain may not pay dividends for the foreseeable future.

20.SharedChain does not have audited financial statements nor is it required to provide investors with any annual audited financial statements or quarterly unaudited financial statements.

Any questions or request for information on SharedChain investment should be directed to Dr. Drew Miller, VP for Corporate Planning and Development at SharedChain,