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Innovative Energy Sources Human-Robotics EnerNet

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Company Overview

SGiM (Smart Grid intelligent Management) is an adaptive microgrid energy platform. We focus on Energy Storage, Hybrid Energy Sources and associated solutions. Our in-depth understanding of semiconductors, medical and biotechnology markets with the vision of Human-Robotics EnerNet allows for unique product offering.

Our optimal solutions are form-factor versatile, can be spatially distributed and easily integrated into a broad range of technology platforms – adaptive to various design schemes that need autonomous energy source.


  • Batteries market $120 billion in 2019, CAGR 7.7%
  • Robotics: $66 billion in 2025 with CAGR 10.4%
  • Medical Robotics: $6.5 billion in 2020
  • Commercial drones: 110% CAGR to $4.5 billion in 2025
  • Bio-Implants: $134 billion in 2017, 10% CAGR in 2014-2020
  • Flexible electronics: $3.4B (2013) to $13B with 22% CAGR (2020); Transparent Electronics: 53% CAGR in 2013-2018

Differentiation & Product Roadmap

Hybrid Energy Source:

  • Learning controllers, Capacitors
  • Batteries, Fuel Cells

Adaptive Battery Platform:

  • Solid electrolytes, Thin film technologies
  • Flexible components, Nanomaterials

High Efficient Fuel cells:

  • Solide oxide thin film technologies
  • High power density, Fuel flexible

Adaptable for Multiple Applications
for specific customer demands:

  • Versatility for Engineering
  • Efficiency for Robotics and Drones
  • Safety for Bioimplants and Healthcare
  • Flexibility for Electronics
  • Lightweight for Sensors

Working very closely with beta-customers (NeuroSyntek – leader in personilized medicine & new robotics; AMS – marine applications) and strategic alliance partners. We have a very strong team of Silicon Valley veterans, leading experts in energy, physics, maths, materials, hardware, and software. With initial Round A investments, a revolutionary product platform has been demonstrated. Currently, SGiM is raising further funds to expand US operations and to finish transition into manufacturing. We expect to breakeven in 3 years and to achieve close to $100 million revenue in 5 years.