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Servicesdot Inc

Servicesdot Inc

Building intelligent healthcare applications

Company Overview

Hello, I'm Ken Perry allow me to introduce you to Here is our story.

I am a 33 year veteran of healthcare.I have worked for large corporate entities and have been a founder in four start-up companies. I have a unique blend of expertise in finance, healthcare IT, and operations, that has been used to perform a lot of different roles during my career including

Throughout my career I have recognized the shortcomings of existing healthcare information technology platforms and I have had a dream to be able to develop and deploy systems, both clinical and financial, that are easy to implement, easy to use and support and that are affordable.

I founded 3 years ago, while working in Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates, where I was serving as CFO for a 300 bed hospital. It began with a need for a claims scrubbing application and medical necessity checker, which led to a full automated billing system, which led to CPOE and an electronic medical record, patient scheduling system and more.

During 2017, article after article in leading healthcare news journals detailed the problems that physicians were facing and the failures of some of the physician system providers over recent months and federal investigations, lawsuits and overall dissatisfaction with physician Electronic Medical Records (EMRs). I decided it was the right time return to the great USA and so I relocated operations back to my home town of Nashville, TN. January 2, 2018 was incorporate and before the end of the month had filed two provisional patents for our Supply Chain and Financial system applications. We began to assemble and expand an incredible team of talented, dedicated individuals, who average 20 years of healthcare and IT experience to accomplish great things over the next few years.

In January 2018, as my family and I had health care encounters in Nashville, our experiences reaffirmed over and over that the timing was right and that was focused and moving in the right direction. I took my mom to an endoscopy center with a leading hospital company. We arrived and they had no electronic scheduling system. The Registration Clerk was using a ledger size, hand written sheet to check us in and marked us off the list with a highlighter. When I picked up my mom in recovery, the nurse was documenting on a paper EMR form.

In a separate encounter, I took my wife to the OB. They had an EMR system in place, but they were still documenting on paper all the interactions. When I asked the doctor, she indicated they did not like the system and were evaluating other systems to replace the current one. My wife received three separate sheets of paper for future appointments, one appointment per page, using less than an 1/8th of each page. On both occasions, I just thought I had entered the twilight zone. It is 2018 and healthcare providers started using the precursers of computers in the 1950s.In 2009 Congress passed the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act.And many providers are still without a viable solution.

I believe with today’s technology, every physician provider, outpatient clinic, small hospital should be able to afford the latest technology to provide better patient care and run their business. These systems should be easy to use, automated to the extent possible, mobile enabled and affordable. They should be patient friendly and accessible and assist all providers in delivering world class healthcare.

So back to the story.Our solutions are built to enhance operational excellence and efficiency, not to simply add work in providing digital documentation. How are our products different? We are redesigning and redefining the integration of data driven decision making and streamlined workflow documentation, using artificial intelligence, true cloud based technology and other advanced technologies to improve efficiency and efficacy of physicians. No more will a physician have to stay extra hours at the practice to complete their charts. Nor will patients leave an encounter wondering what just happened or what do I do next. Our solutions are built to provide a better patient experience and better communications between physician and patient. will focus on providing a vast array of mobile applications that empower patients to schedule their own visits, get test results back quicker and even eliminate the duplication of forms that gets filled out every visit with medical histories – all of which vastly improve patient satisfaction with the overall process.

Our Supply Chain and Financial applications have the potential to disrupt the entire healthcare supply chain and ERP markets with patent pending technology that changes how these systems work, when lined up against the antiquated 80s based technology still being provided in the market. will be able to differentiate ourselves from our competitors in the way we implement systems. I personally have implemented major systems and system components including Cerner, Lawson, Oracle, and many others. During my career, I and our teams have developed a unique pathways, processes and protocols to implement systems that we have built into all our applications. Instead of it taking 2-3 months or longer to implement a system, our systems will take just a couple of weeks. And perhaps the most important differentiator for many providers, there is no huge capital investment and our monthly service fees are 40-60% of our competitors.

Why should you or any individual invest? First, our products with patent pending technology have the potential to disrupt markets. Second, our company is not a one trick pony. We have a suite of products that can be integrated or deployed individually so we will not rely on just one product to penetrate markets or compete for market share. This out of the gate diversity provides greater opportunity for traction and for the company to be successful. Last, our management team has the proven track record in healthcare and with start-ups to help ensure we execute the business plan, which will result in good returns for our investors.

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6 Employees

Pitch Deck


  • Began development of initial Billing system and claims scrubber

    January, 2015
  • First Client on Executive Dashboards

    May, 2016
  • Filed provisional patents “Electronic Healthcare Supply Chain Purchasing Optimizer” & “Electronic Fully Automated Accrual Financial Sy

    January, 2018
  • Release of

    July, 2018
  • Beta testing to begin of Omnimpresent HIS in the USA with both the EMR and billing.

    July, 2018
  • Beta testing to begin on "Supply Chain Wizard"

    August, 2018