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Selectty Global Foods USA LLC

Selectty Global Foods USA LLC

We manufacture and distribute a mango based healthy squeezable snack for kids in retail supermarkets across the USA.

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Company Overview

Selectty Global Food USA LLC is a Miami, FL registered company with a sales and customer service in Texas. We specialize in retail and food service channels, our focus is to offer our consumers a healthy, novelty and delicious mango based fruit snack they have not tasted before.

Selectty’s team is committed with our customer’s providing a safe, high quality and fresh product. Since 2014, we have been making an exquisite fruit snack for toddlers, youth and younger adults to make their life easier and healthier.

Mangoozers TM represents nutrition, healthy habits, finest standards, based on the famous Magdalena River Mango. OUR STANDARDS; We only serve the BEST, our fruit is handly picked one by one by farmers from the Magdalena River basin in Colombia.

Pitch Deck


  • The brand got into HEB Texas, one of the top 25 companies in the country. Direct sales, no brokers involved.

    May, 2019
  • Started Costco's 5 roadshows selling 1,4 times expected rotation. The brand is to set up fall 2020. Expected sales in all Costco, $20 MM/yr.

    September, 2019