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Seed&Spark is a technology platform powering a revolution in film, TV and new media.

Los Angeles, California, US

crowdfunding, film, social commerce, financial technology, fintech, film & television, Film & Entertainment, film distribution

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Company Overview

Seed&Spark is a next-generation digital studio that delivers bold, original new movies and shows for audiences and sustainable careers for artists through a single monthly subscription that combines streaming with the next evolution of crowdfunding.

We currently have over 300 hours of exceptional movies and shows streaming, and creators have raised more than $8.5M for 550+ projects using our best-in-class crowdfunding tool—which has the highest campaign success rate in the world.

We source the best new creators through a national education program in partnership with over 100 film organizations. In 2016 we will generate $1M in revenue on $1.5M spend. By the end of 2018, we will grow our streaming library by 6x and our subscriber base to 10k. We are currently raising $2M to get us there, with $1.5m already committed.

In the 36 months since launch, we've proven that our value proposition resonates strongly with both filmmakers and audiences, and now are looking for investment partners to help us scale.


100,000 Users


$6M+ raised for over 400 movies and shows

November, 2016

500+ paying subscribers

December, 2016

75% crowdfunding success rate (2x better than Kickstarter & 4x better than Indiegogo)

August, 2016

Average crowdfunding project raise of $15,000 (2x Kickstarter).

August, 2016

On track for 5X growth in 2016 to 140K users

August, 2016

Total amount launched Up 50% in 2016 at $3M YTD.

August, 2016

Distribution pipeline to hundreds of millions of consumers

August, 2016

Launched BrightIdeasMag.Com and BRIGHT IDEAS Magazine

January, 2014


I invest in fewer than 1 in every 200 deals I evaluate, but Seed&Spark was irresistible. Emily Best is a dynamic and visionary founder, and she's assembled a world class team dedicated to democratizing film. They have created the ultimate platform for independent filmmakers and consumers.
Chad Troutwine Investor, CEO Veritas Prep, Codesmith
Chad Troutwine
In just 24 months, Emily has achieved incredible outcomes with Seed&Spark. I invested because she has just the right skill set to execute on this big idea.
Jay Faires Founder of Band of Outsiders
Jay Faires
After having a failed Kickstarter campaign I was discouraged and turned off of the whole “crowdfunding” thing but from the moment I walked into the #Stayindietour workshop, I knew that working with Seed&Spark would be a whole other ball game. The kind of guidance and advice my team received (FOR FREE) during the process of getting our campaign ready to launch was incredible. My team raised 166% of our goal and we definitely could not have done it without the kind of support we got.
Jaclyn Gramigna Filmmaker
Jaclyn Gramigna
I had a great experience funding my project on Seed&Spark!! The first thing that impressed me about S&S is what a valuable resource they are through the entire process. It began with the free #stayindietour class where I got extremely useful info on how to prepare and conduct my campaign and even a detailed schedule of what actions to take every step of the way.
Eric Elder Filmmaker, Animator
Eric Elder
As someone who has coached successful campaigns on all of the top crowdfunding platforms, I can honestly say that Seed&Spark is a cut above the others. Their hands on support and community approach sets them apart. Their willingness to grow and bend with the needs of their clients is unparalled. They are a team of filmmakers championing other filmmakers to success. I am excited to see how this company grows and flourishes and thoroughly enjoy working with them.
Leah Cevoli Crowdfunding Coach/Consultant
Leah Cevoli
I have been producing films since 1980 and Seed&Spark is the very first time that the filmmaker has the power to sit in the drivers seat of financing, and to exert sophisticated, state of the art leverage to turn their script and budget into a film. It is not a platform, it is a revolution.
Peter Samuelson Advisor, Film Producer
Peter Samuelson
My first encounter with Seed&Spark was hearing Emily Best talk about new, innovative ideas behind crowdfunding at the Flyway Film Festival in 2013. She solely changed what was a deeply ingrained fear of "asking for money" into what I now view as a positive opportunity like no other. I've since run two successful crowdfunding campaigns on Seed&Spark, and continue to be inspired by their mission.
Jen West Filmmaker
Jen West
We chose Seed&Spark because no other platform matched their enthusiasm or ability to educate my whole team quickly. Our film would have been an invisible piece of niche content if not for their efforts to teach us how to build ourselves into the community and find our audience. This team is so in front of the curve of this evolving film industry that I was thrilled to join them as the Head of Original Content to further educate audiences and artists alike.
Mara Tasker Head of Original Content
Mara Tasker
As an independent filmmaker working to tell stories about underrepresented communities, Seed&Spark was instrumental in helping me transform my ideas and ambition into reality. After I attended CEO Emily Best's class on Crowdfunding for Independence, I finally felt fully equipped with the knowledge and confidence I needed to raise the funds and finally create a film I'd been dreaming of for over two years. I've recently joined the Seed&Spark team as a Crowdfunding Associate where I advise other filmmakers.
Gerry Maravilla Crowdfunding Associate
Gerry Maravilla
Seed&Spark is the single best solution I've seen regarding the problem that 99% of filmmakers have--creating a paying audience for their film. It's also a clever, savvy solution at that. Utilizing the latest technological and social trends, and spearheaded by the astonishingly passionate and action-oriented expert of those trends, Emily Best.
Walker Deibel Investor, Film Producer
Walker Deibel
Seed&Spark was (and continues to be) a joy. The site is by filmmakers, FOR filmmakers, which means they get it--they get what you're trying to do, they love what you're trying to do, and they will help you get it done. Seed&Spark has a vision about a sustainable future for indie filmmakers, and it's a glorious one.
Kimberly Dilts Filmmaker, Crowdfunding Consultant
Kimberly Dilts
Running our campaign on Seed&Spark was the single best strategic decision we made for IF THERE'S A HELL BELOW. Indie filmmakers should seek out partners who are just as innovative as they aspire to be.
Nathan Williams Filmmaker
Nathan Williams
Seed& Spark is run by a young,dynamic,brilliant crew working doggedly towards success. Seed&Spark supports creative young filmmakers, so they can reach the audiences they deserve. Seed&Spark creates opportunities for those filmmakers not part of the mainstream. Seed&Spark gives the world a voice in what films get made.
Bobbie Silverman Investor, Educator
Bobbie Silverman


Team Member Name

Hillary Krutzsch

Senior Front-End Developer

Hillary comes to Seed&Spark with 10 years of interactive advertising agency experience where she developed for the likes of Samsung, Paul Mitchell and more. ... Read More
Team Member Name

Kt McBratney

Head of Product Marketing

Formerly HONK, Newegg, Phenomblue Read More Unverified

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