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Secured Universe Inc.

Secured Universe Inc.

We STOP Malware on the 2B+ Devices Powered by Android.

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Company Overview

We’re the guys that have solved Android security.

Our team is pioneering a new security technology called "BiTSentry" that stops malware and reduces the risk of vulnerabilities starting with the 2 billion devices powered by Android.

BiTSentry is 100% effective at mitigating the risk of malware because we assume everything is a threat up front. Unlike our competitors, we do not detect or predict anything, nor do we chase it after the fact. We isolate everything so nothing gets out of hand.

Our technology includes a microkernel, super lightweight virtual machine manager (hypervisor) and encryption management designed to replace the vulnerable and large (14M+ lines of code) linux kernel. We are the only solution that is completely replacing the vulnerable Kernel and changing how apps run.

Next, we change how executables run on Android so that every application and its data, regardless if its a system app or one you download, runs in its own isolated environment.

Faster, stronger, safer.


10,000 Users

Pitch Deck


  • COOLEST COMPANIES: Secured Universe is 1of the 20 Coolest Companies, per San Diego Venture Group

    May, 2016
  • # of Breaches in over 3 yrs = 0

    July, 2017
  • # of States = 7

    July, 2017
  • # of Tablet in Rental Service 4Q 2018 = 10,000

    July, 2017
  • Field Testing (Years) = 2

    July, 2017
  • 1GEN Tablets In Operation = 10,000+

    July, 2017


Jonathan Nelson
Jonathan Nelson
CEO at Hackers & Founders
"Secured Universe is revolutionizing Android security. We just love to have startups with a clear vision at H/F, startups able to change the face of an industry. Secured Universe is a perfect example of what we look for in a startup with real disruptive potential."