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Schlep & Fetch

Schlep & Fetch

Delivery On Demand. $1.7 Million in 2015 Revenue

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Company Overview

Schlep & Fetch is a Los Angeles-based mobile app and multi-vertical, on-demand delivery service, bringing customers whatever they want, whenever they want it. Partnering with a consortium of like-minded businesses and tech upstarts, Schlep & Fetch is using technology to reshape the on-demand delivery space, providing services across a variety of business sectors including restaurant delivery, dry cleaning delivery, alcohol delivery, retail delivery, errand services, business courier, legal process serving, and personal shopping. The company currently completes 13,000+ deliveries per month and has a run rate for 2015 of $1.7MM.

Schlep & Fetch was founded by husband and wife team, Bryson Strauss and Ashley Eaton. The idea for Schlep & Fetch was born of a real need. Shortly after the birth of their daughter, the two were up late one night wishing there was a service that could deliver diapers for them. Unable to find such a service, they started to develop the concept for an on-demand personal delivery service with the ability to make purchases for customers. Launching on a shoestring and armed with nothing more than a flyer, the couple took to the streets, pushing their newborn baby around in a stroller putting flyers on cars. Eventually, the phones started to ring with orders coming from individual customers and businesses looking for delivery solutions.

The first delivery happened on July 26, 2011. Soon after launching, the company began to expand from personal delivery into other verticals, such as restaurant delivery (RDS), quickly becoming the largest third party RDS in Los Angeles. From the beginning, Schlep & Fetch had a competitive advantage by offering automated dispatch for orders placed through national online ordering platforms, such as,, and others.

The company then evolved into a white label fulfillment service for mobile tech upstarts such as Snazzy Clean, RushOrder, FoodieShares, Sqyre, and Nestdrop. Then, in 2015, Schlep & Fetch launched its v1 mobile app for iPhone, allowing B2C customers to get quotes in 20 seconds, place orders in 90 seconds, and track their drivers in real time from start to finish. That same year, the company expanded RDS operations to Pasadena and courier business to South Bay and the entire LA Metro area. In 2016, Schlep & Fetch will launch in Orange County and San Diego.

The end game is for Schlep & Fetch is to become the household name for last-mile and on-demand logistics nationwide for B2B and B2C customers. By building robust local and national B2B partnerships, continuing to develop highly-sophisticated logistics technology, and combining mobile tech and the proven success within the RDS space, the company will expand nationally, building profitability through a combination of proven verticals, such as RDS and courier, while pushing disruptive verticals such as personal delivery and shopping services.


10 Employees
$1,700,000 Sales
1,000 Users

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  • In July 2013, Schlep & Fetch broke 5,000 deliveries per month.

    July, 2013
  • In October 2013, Schlep & Fetch passed $500K mark in gross revenue YTD.

    December, 2013
  • In May 2014, Schlep & Fetch broke 10,000 deliveries per month.

    May, 2014
  • In October 2014, Schlep & Fetch passed the $1MM mark in gross revenue YTD.

    October, 2014
  • Expanded Restaurant Delivery to Pasadena, CA

    May, 2015
  • In November 2015, Schlep & Fetch passed the $1.5MM mark in gross revenue YTD.

    November, 2015


Nikki Booth
Nikki Booth
Owner, Knuckle & Claw
"“My savior. Schlep and Fetch does deliveries for my business and they are amazing. Half the time my supplier messes up the information but I am never charged extra by Schlep and Fetch. This is the best deliver service in LA and I would recommend them to anyone and everyone. If I could leave 100, 5 star reviews I would. Thank you guys so much." "
James Panozzo
James Panozzo
Director, LAUNCH LA
"“I have used Schlep & Fetch numerous times over the past three years. I find them highly reliable and courteous. They have always exceeded my expectations of timeliness and professionalism. I highly recommend them and refer them to friends and colleagues always.” "
Shaina Anderson
Shaina Anderson
Head of Vendors, Chewse
""Bryson and the S&F team are incredible partners - wonderful listeners, welcoming to feedback, and flexible to changes in operations. They took all worry from our minds, and let us focus on parts of the business we needed to. Couldn't have tackled deliveries in Los Angeles without them!""