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SapienTrade is an innovative FinTech firm pushing the boundaries of supercomputing AI trading to deliver investors an effective real-time.

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Company Overview

SapienTrade is an innovative FinTech pushing the boundaries of cloud supercomputing real-time AI data analytics and trading to deliver the ultimate investment edge. We have secured a partnership with QuantRisk to share technology, development team and R&D efforts to lower costs and leverage joint synergy. SapienTrade thus acquired overnight, a team, and over 1 million lines of sophisticated highly specialized code, and years of extensive R&D and experiences, in AI Trading Analytics and cloud supercomputing.

Solutions. SapienTrade is a leading creator of advanced real-time deep learning AI and soft-computing optimal trading technologies. These empower individual investors and professional traders with real-time intra-hourly price forecasts, and optimal investment buy-sell and stock selection strategies, predicting market opportunities before they arise. These online services enable investors to achieve higher returns at lower risk. Within two years we also plan on launching a range of AI traded funds and FinTech platforms (Stocks, ETFs, FX), worldwide.

Financing. We are a sharp and lean bootstrap startup which has acquired the rights to 30 man-years of intensive R&D, spanning over half a decade. To launch our commercial services and establish our brand, we seek $350 K to $1 M in exchange for a SAFE, with 20% discount and $7 M valuation cap.

Market size. With 4 M potential users, SapienTrade’s market is worth $1.2 Billion per year.

Valuation. By year 5, we forecast $216 M in revenue, $140 M in operating income, and a $700 M valuation.


  • We have secured a partnership with QuantRisk to share technology.

    November, 2018
  • Assembled a team of expert PhD's & Masters in AI and Financial Engineering.

    December, 2018
  • It's Official. SapienTrade Brand is now formed, branded and ready!

    January, 2019
  • We expanded our Artificial Intelligence Team and continue to fine tune our AI models.

    March, 2019
  • We just created a Digital Marketing Team and are building an online presence for social media.

    April, 2019
  • We just released our MVP for stock, crypto and FX forecasting and are beta testing!

    May, 2019