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Save a million lives, make a billion dollars.

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Company Overview


Fake drugs cost pharmaceutical companies $200 billion each year.


A nanotech indicator that allows patients to verify the authenticity of their drugs, thereby forcing retailers to order authentic meds and gaining back for pharma firms the $200 billion per year they lose in revenue.

Market and Competition

The pharmaceutical anti-counterfeit packaging and technologies market is estimated at over $5 billion. This figure is based on current solutions that do not work, so should be considered low. Additionally, coming regulatory changes will expand the market by fiat. Most pharma firms are addressing this issue with so-called "track and trace" technology; but supply-chain management does not prevent retailers from never ordering authentic medicine in the first place--only a patient-centered test can create the pull factor necessary to fight counterfeiting. Of the patient-centered solutions, each type of technology implemented has already been counterfeited.


The product has an innovative design, a dual color-change based on human interaction such as breathing and touching, that will inspire patients to engage. It is also the only pharma anti-counterfeit product based on advanced nanotechnology whose complexity resists replication by counterfeiters. This combination of design and technology perfectly positions the product to solve the fake drug problem, and the team's combination of passion and experience perfectly positions it to execute the introduction of this product to the market.


Forecast and Financial Highlights

Projected revenues of +$100 million per annum by year 3 and high gross margins allow for investor returns of +20x.