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Mobile marketplace and commerce for Hispanic immigrants

Los Angeles, California, US

education, media, spanish, languages, immigrants, tech startup, multi media, latino, Advertising & Marketing, Internet (Software & Services)

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Company Overview

Problem: Over 9M people annually (uniques) go through the U.S. based waiting rooms of the Mexican and El Salvadoran consulates (for Passports, Matricula Identification Cards, etc).

These individuals are proactively looking to establish themselves in the U.S. (passports and identification cards are only necessary for those staying in the U.S.), but are unable to find in-language resources explaining how to access many of the most needed goods & services.

Solution: SABEResPODER (SEP) is a venture-backed Spanish language multimedia company running an independent network of touch points across the U.S. to meet these needs:

  • We've made capital expenditures to create an owned network of digital media and flat screen televisions in all of the high-traffic and key U.S. based Mexican & El Salvador consulates
  • We have representatives in locations distributing physical promotional material, collecting survey data, and gathering cell phone information to opt-in members into the SEP mobile network (>300,000 members in approx. 12 months) for customer acquisition
  • We have become the leading out of home digital media and mobile technology company for Spanish-speaking consumers in the U.S.


300,000+ mobile members with over 35% engagement rates & 1,000+ new users per day

May, 2015

Over 4,000,000 texts/sms exchanged with members

May, 2015

9,000,000 unique visitors per year to SABEResPODER’s existing consulate acquisition channel

May, 2015

Executive team with technology experience at Netflix, WPP, HULU, Tinder, Pricegrabber and Sony with over 50 years of media and tech expertis

May, 2015

Recognized by Nielsen as the strongest engagement platform they use for gathering market research data from U.S. Spanish speaking consumers

May, 2015

No competition in our channel (government consulates), endorsements by foreign governments and agreements for exclusive distribution

May, 2015


SEP has empowered community members with the right product and services. We at NALA are impressed with the team and execution. The company is most certainly at an exciting inflection point.
Emilio Diez Barroso Owner, NALA Investments
Emilio Diez Barroso
SEP is creating real value for the fastest growing consumer group in the U.S. and developing phenomenal technology to scale rapidly.
Adam Rodriguez Actor & Investor in SABEResPODER
Adam Rodriguez
I work with tons of companies and none of them are able to do what SEP does with its technology and data for this consumer segment.
Monica Gil Senior VP & General Manager, Multicultural Gr
Monica Gil