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Every Sneaker Has A Story

Seattle, Washington, US

fashion, footwear, marketplaces, consumer products, consumer, designer, crowdsourcing, brands, fashion ecommerce, seattle, ecommerce, fashion, footwear, menswear, platform-based service, business to business to customers

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$250,000 of $1,000,000
Convertible Note

ROOY is raising $1,000,000 with a minimum reservation of $10,000. Numbers displayed include non-binding reservations before investors are verified, signed, or closed.


  • 10x Annual Net Sales Growth
  • Designers and Sneakerheads community from 50 different countries
  • Last opportunity for Seed and Angel Investors

Elevator Pitch

ROOY produces and works with emerging footwear brands, connecting them to global consumers through an innovative platform that delivers unique and original sneaker story contents.


$850,000 Sales
235,000 Users
8 Employees


Launched well-curated independent brands grossing $850,000 in revenue

July, 2017

900+ footwear designers and 235,000+ Sneakerheads from 50 different countries

December, 2016

Opened the brand office in Tokyo, Japan

January, 2016

Successful $3,400,000 preferred stock seed round in July 2015.

July, 2015

Launched the first ROOY platform

May, 2015

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does ROOY make money?

ROOY is the sole producer of the every product and sells directly to consumers along with wholesale deals to retail partners.

How does revenue sharing work?

As ROOY holds the rights to all the products, designers who designed a launched product will receive 10% of net sales as a design royalty.

What is the average margin on products (sneakers)?

On average, ROOY’s cost per unit is about 25-30% of the retail price (which is pretty much on par with the world’s largest brands who operates at around 20-25% on average). After including the designer royalty of 10%, ROOY margin is 60-65% on each product.

How will ROOY use the fund proceeds?

Aside from launching the coolest emerging brands, ROOY is also partnered with many A-list celebrities and other notable brands ranging from the gaming world to fashion. The proceeds will be used towards these types of B2B projects.

Who are your competitors? Are you competing against the likes of Nike, adidas, etc.?

As a platform brand ROOY is NOT in competition with other footwear brands. As matter of fact, we’ve worked with footwear brands in various types of collaborations. There isn’t any other platform out there that can create new brands completely from scratch (not using any base templates for simple design iterations and alterations).