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Every Sneaker Has A Story

Company Overview

Our Company

ROOY is a footwear creation platform where consumers and designers interact and come up with new shoe design ideas, then quickly and successfully launch the idea to the market. In order to execute this, ROOY created a complete ECOSYSTEM of designers, material and manufacturing partners, sneaker media, retailers, and sneakerheads community to catch new trends and consumer needs and bring them to market in a fraction of time it would take big corporations to do so.

Competitive Advantage

  • Crowdsourced Designers: Through various brand collaborations and design challenges, over 1,000 participating shoe creators/designers and 300,000+ users from more than 50 countries (the largest designer community)
  • Unfair Operational Efficiency: Partnership with top tier manufacturers and suppliers that guarantee premium quality and scalable capacity (min. 500 units, up to 1 million units)
  • Differentiating Content Commerce: The story of every sneaker is created and delivered in the form of digital contents for the consumers to enjoy Key Performance (First full cycle - 2016)


ROOY empowers global designers and sneakerheads by pioneering “Fast Fashion” in the footwear industry


$850,000 Sales
235,000 Users
8 Employees

Pitch Deck


  • Launched well-curated independent brands grossing $850,000 in revenue

    July, 2017
  • 900+ footwear designers and 235,000+ Sneakerheads from 50 different countries

    December, 2016
  • Opened the brand office in Tokyo, Japan

    January, 2016
  • Successful $3,400,000 preferred stock seed round in July 2015.

    July, 2015
  • Launched the first ROOY platform

    May, 2015


CEO & Founder
"We see a collective movement of many emerging brands helping each other grow together in the market and really set the tone by communicating to the consumers that there are so many cool new brands, and every individual should be able to find the perfect style for themselves."
Quetzal Ramos
Quetzal Ramos
Footwear & Industrial Designer
"I was very lucky to have SeokMin Kang as a developer, he was always very respectful with my design and I can tell he is a very, very smart guy, and that make things a lot easier and much more accurate. I remember when I saw the first lasted upper, I thought "this is going to be a great shoe"."
Drew Hendricks
Drew Hendricks
Contributor/Editor at
"By eliminating barriers for designers, companies like ROOY are tapping into more highly engaged consumer groups that already have a significant degree of brand loyalty to the individual designers. The consumer also gains access to product concepts that were previously unrealized, making crowdsourced design an ideal platform to increase consumer influence over product development."
Arthur Bray
Arthur Bray
Managing Editor at HYPEBEAST
"Committed to discovering untapped talent from around the world, Rooy, a Seattle-based sneaker platform, splits royalties with its designers who, after bringing their ideas to fruition, receive payment based on how well their shoes sells."
Sara Kennedy
Sara Kennedy
Editor at Seattle Times
"Seattle company Rooy takes a “co-creation” approach to footwear, giving budding shoe designers a chance to compete to have their designs created, and letting sneaker fans weigh in on what’s produced."
Anna Khan
Anna Khan
Investment Team
"I love what you guys are building together, utilizing both your shoe manufacturing background and your marketing expertise. You have clearly built a very impressive team."
Adam Balzig
Adam Balzig
Sneakerhead Consumer
"I can't wait to order Yooneseks in 2018. I wanna be different. For me, the exclusivity and uniqueness is very important. Thank you again for your great idea with Rooy. You know what a sneaker-lover and sneakerhead want. Now you will have not only one more big fan but also a ROOY ambassador and future customer with Yooneseks, can't wait!!!"