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Robert Brooks Econometrix

Robert Brooks Econometrix

Information, Insight, Imagination, Inspiration.  

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Company Overview

Thoughtful, thorough observation, research, analysis and reporting of the realities of your next development opportunity.....Start with the Facts.

We can help you make your concept a reality, reduce risk, stay within budget, deliver on time. We can help ensure that your building the right product, with the most environmentally sound systems and materials, in the right place, at the right time.

1. Feasibilty Analysis - Site, Building, opportunity, concept.

2. Cost Review, Construction, Development, Life cycle.

3. Value Engineering and Systems Evaluation

4. Alternative and Sustainable systems, process, materials.

5. Life cycle cost analysis

6. Risk Management,

7. Claims and Changes Review, Resolution and Management.

8. Quality Control

9. Construction and Project Management

10. Consulting services.

Work in progress:

Located in the heart of the Silicon Slopes - Utah