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Ring at Home, Inc.

Ring at Home, Inc.

Digital service that connects & informs families of their elderly loved ones well-being while they're living independently.

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Convertible Note

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Bridge to Series A

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Term Length (Months)

24 months

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Elevator Pitch

Ring at Home is a pure-play SaaS cloud solution providing low cost digital, subscription-based services keeping family members connected & informed with their elderly loved one's well-being.

Company Overview

Ring at Home is a pure-play SaaS cloud solution providing low cost digital, subscription-based service that connects and informs families and friends about the well-being of their elderly loved one living alone.

Assistance & monitoring of critical care issues

  • Wellness check-in calls, appointment and medication reminders
  • Phase II - Planned 360°coverage including fall detection, emergency response and health monitoring

Advanced Digital Technology

  • Enterprise scalable digital platform
  • IoT Integrations – Alexa, Apple Watch, Wearables
  • Unparalleled customization & scalability

Affordable and Easy to Use @ $10/mo.

  • No Hardware costs
  • Simplicity of use with a user-friendly dashboard
  • Gross Margins between 80% and 90%

B2B and White Label Business model


  • Successful Beta launch of our service. Beta customers love the service. Most popular comment was how wonderful the user interface is.

    September, 2019
  • Ring at Home, Inc. founded

    December, 2017

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Press Mentions

Key Customers & Partners

Infinity Plus Consulting Services, Inc.


Kristen L.
Kristen L.
Beta User
"I just set it up on my. So easy, I can schedule everything for a mobile device!"
Bill P.
Bill P.
Beta User
"I like getting the calls each day."
Brenda P.
Brenda P.
Beta User
"I feel relieved to know that his medications won't be forgotten."

Previous Funding

  • $275,000 Convertible Note
  • Raise Source: Investors
  • December 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you generate revenue?

Ring at home provides a monthly subscription plan that generates recurring revenue similar to Netflix. Our list ranges between $9.95 and $14.95 per month. We also offer B2B white label pricing where businesses can resell our service. They will be provided volume discount pricing.

Aren't your competitors huge? Won't you be crushed?

Senior services is a huge opportunity, with no market makers. An AARP 2019 50+ survey notes annual expenditures on technology as 639M & estimated to be $84B by 2030. There are two types of competitors. Point solutions like Apple Watch (fall detection), Alexa, Fitbit & others which are more partners than competitors & will be integrated into our service. The are several small competitive notification services offering limited, expensive service. Great Call is the largest, was acquired by Best Buy for $850M, is based on analog tech, requires hardware purchases, is significantly more expensive than R@H & has a learning curve for the elder consumer. The 2019 Link-age Connect Tech Survey says, ”(seniors) who do not own the (smart) devices are largely not interested in learning about them or spending money on them either. ...the key points in “selling” to this demographic are frugality, practicality and simplicity." R@H keeps it simple, affordable & uses existing hardware. We target the long tail of the market.

What is your Market Strategy?

Our service has been designed for both B2B and B2C opportunities. We don't sell directly to a the senior, instead, we market to family members and organizations that support seniors. We are in discussions with a number of businesses, who see Ring at Home as a complementary product to their Senior services. We are also under discussions with organizations that will refer their base to us for a referral fee. Lastly we will directly market to families through DRTV platforms such as QVC, as well as, TV commercials, telemarketing & online ads.

Why is Ring at Home important to those seniors or physically challenged individuals living alone?

Seniors who live alone are always at a higher risk of injury or illness and may not have the ability to call to obtain help when needed. For those who live alone while aging in place, it could take hours or even days before anyone is made aware of an emergency. Ring at Home provides a predictable and consistent means of keeping families connected, informed and assured of their loved ones well-being each and every day. Our system is proactive and preventative helping families maintain care and connection at an affordable price. We give families and seniors the peace-of-mind they're seeking while living independently.

How does the Senior feel about the service?

Seniors aging in place want to know that someone is looking out for them and that assistance will be there in the event of an illness or emergency. There are many seniors who live alone with no one nearby to check-in on them. Seniors love the friendly reminders and communication with their family and friends. Police Departments and Senior Living Facilities now have a low cost way to make sure their Seniors are safe. Lastly family members have comfort knowing that they don't have to wait until it may be too late to know how their loved one is doing each day.

Why is this a good investment?

R@H is a high growth, pure play Internet SaaS (Software as a Service) company that doesn't have the cost of facilities, inventory, personnel & logistics that traditional companies have. SaaS companies on average have outperformed the broader market by a massive margin. Most high-growth SaaS businesses (public and private) are valued on a multiple of forward revenue with enterprise value over NTM (next-twelve-months) as a primary metric. The all-time average has been ~8x but more recently the weighted NTM revenue multiple for all high-growth SaaS companies is ~15x, which has been propelled by recent IPOs like Zoom (ZM), CrowdStrike (CRWD), and Slack (WORK) which are trading at high NTM revenue multiples — ZM at 41x, CRWD at 34x and WORK at 28x (as of 9-July-2019).

Risks & Disclosures

Investment involves risk. As a general rule, you should only investment in business(es) that you are familiar with and understand the risk associated with them. The risk warning described in each investment is not exhaustive, you should carefully consider your investment experience, financial situation, investment objective, risk tolerance level and consult your independent financial adviser as to the suitability of your situation prior making any investment.

The product is still in development. We are currently in the development phase for the customer-ready product. Delays or costs overruns in the development of our product and failure of the product to meet our technical requirements may be caused by, among other things, unanticipated technological challenges.

This is a startup company with a limited history. If you are investing in this Company, it is because you think the product is a good idea. You further believe that the Company will be able to successfully develop, market and sell the product. Further, we have never turned a profit and there is no assurance that we will ever be profitable.

The Company may not sell enough convertible debt in this offering to meet its operating needs and fulfill its plans. Even if we sell all the debt we are offering, the Company may need to raise more fund in the future, and if we cannot get them, we may not be able to continue. Even if we do have a successful offering in the future, the terms of that offering may result in your investment in the company being worthless because later investors might get different terms.

Company's business projections are only estimates. Any projection or forward-looking statement regarding Company's anticipated financial performance are hypothetical and are based on Company's best estimate of the probably results of our operation. These projections will be based on assumptions which Company believes are reasonable. Actual results will likely vary from such projections and any projected results cannot be guaranteed. Company will only succeed (and you will only make money) if there is sufficient demand for this product, people believe it is a valuable product and Company has priced its product at a level that allows Company to make a profit and still attract future consumers.

It is possible that competitors will be able to design around our intellectual property.