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Right Angle Pizza

Right Angle Pizza

We Don't Cut Corners

Company Overview

Pizza is a $40 billion per year industry in the US. It is ripe for disruption from an upstart that provides a product that exceeds the current market offerings on key delineators: affordability, convenience, organic vs. inorganic, respect (for customers and employees) and nutrition. We will launch a new pizza chain with our great branding and strategy that playfully attacks the big chains (Domino's; Papa John).

Our pizza, which is square but with the triangular slice shape people prefer, is in its own category. A square pizza has 27% more than its round counterpart, and our pizza not only will be a better value but both healthier and tastier. Our intentionally nerdy marketing campaign -- emphasizing math in a gangsta rap style -- will help equate our pizza with a smart modern take on this age-old favorite. You can listen to our prototype rap, which while raw and amateurish is designed simply to convey the creative gist.

We have applied for trademarks for Right Angle Pizza and our killer slogan, "We Don't Cut Corners."

We have a novel distribution method that will keep down costs and enable rapid scale.

We will be socially conscious, putting employees and customers at the top of the food chain. We believe this will drive profits for investors.

Our founder graduated in the top 1% of his class at the Wharton School of Business in 1990 and then graduated with honors from Harvard Law School.

We are at a very early stage, and need funding for product development, market testing, and to attract top-level executive talent to implement our plan.