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Repurpose Compostables

Repurpose Compostables

Welcome to a Cleaner World

Los Angeles, California, US

consumer products, social enterprise

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We are now in national distribution with United Natural Foods Inc, which is a huge milestone for Repurpose.

June, 2013

As a result of our national distribution with UNFI, we expect significant increases in revenue.

June, 2013


Lauren Gropper

Lauren Gropper

Repurpose, CEO

Lauren is a green entrepeneur with a background in green architecture and urban design, as well as sustainability consulting for film and television. Lauren is currently the CEO for Repurpose, Inc., a consumer packaged goods company that she founded in 2010. Lauren is also the co-founder of Minimal Productions LLC, and environmental consulting firm, as well a founding partner in, and environmental media platform created by Adrian Grenier.

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Corey Scholibo

Cheif Marketing Officer