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Replete Health Inc

Replete Health Inc

Pushing towards Democratization and Decentralization of Healthcare

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Company Overview


Current healthcare model is plainly wrong. We now have a 'sick-care' model, where an individual gets sick, consults a doctor, who treats the ailment. Actual healthcare is where an individual maintains or even improves their current health status. There is no such ecosystem in the market to address this fundamental issue.


Replete Health (RH) has built an Artificial Intelligence engine that detects the decline of the clinical effectiveness of drugs and nudges both patients and doctors to act to avoid and/or reverse this trend. It also improves the communication between doctors and patients by facilitating the sharing of behavioral and physiological data, in addition to EHR/EMR data, thus enhancing shared decision making. In order to get a user/patient record, RH is built to pull the data directly from EHR(Electronic Health Record)/EMR(Electronic Medical Record) using FHIR restful APIs after the user/patient permission is obtained, in addition to having the ability to pull the data directly from any EHR using HL7 standards.


Our market is global, however, RH plans to start in US and expand to other countries over the course of next 2 years.

RH has two broad stakeholders.

  • Application users (~60M users in US)
    • Users/Patients: Anyone diagnosed with cardiovascular disease and diabetes. In general, anyone over of 18 and wants to be healthy, this is an app for them.
    • Providers/Doctors (over 200K primary-care doctors in US)
  • Payers
    • Pharmaceutical companies
      • Conduct retrospective observational studies
      • Run prospective observational studies
      • setup pharmacovigilance on drugs
      • Run drug-drug interaction studies
    • Health insurance
      • Run clinical effectiveness versus cost effectiveness studies
      • Understand subscriber behaviors
    • Research institutions
      • Human behavioral research
      • Run drug-drug interaction studies


In clinical decision making, active participation of doctors and patients leads to better outcomes. There are five steps that involved for both stakeholders. These are:

  • Recognize the problem
  • Seek information
  • Evaluate alternative treatments/therapies
  • Make decision
  • Evaluate/review decision

From the Service Side RH has the following competition:

  • There are multiple companies (WebMD, Xealth, Sensely, Converging Data, Flatiron, etc.) offering services for one or two elements of the above five steps.
  • RH is ideally positioned as a clinically driven, mobile multi-modality solution to better engage and support shared decision making across all the five steps of clinical decision making.

From the Revenue Generation Side:

  • Quintiles, IMS etc.

RH Mission

“Pushing towards Democratization and Decentralization of Healthcare"

The RH Mission is to nudge people into acting positively towards their health, enabling AI and ML engine of RH to maintain or improve the health of users. This is done by democratizing the decentralizing the healthcare data using our solution.

RH Objectives

  • RH aims to acquire at least 5% of US primary care doctors (over 10K) in the next 5 years by linking their patients to its portal.
  • RH seeks to have at least have 5% of US population over 18 (~30% of diabetes and cardiovascular disease patients), using its App in next 5 years.

Why Replete Health?

Replete Health can perform every function of its competitors, but it does it better. RH will be able to perform direct and precise advertisements to patients through its daily monitoring function. The RH app educates patients and communicates with them based on aspects of their life, not just of their lifestyle, not just clinical records.

RH has a built-in physician locator. When the patient signs up with RH app and give permission to access their health records, RH system will automatically pull the patient’s records from their provider’s network using FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) restful APIs. It also has built-in Artificial Intelligence that can identify any reduction in clinical efficacy for any drug and nudge patients and doctors to resolve any drop in the care level. Add to all of this functionality the ability to have a Machine Language Algorithm designed to deliver specific news to patients.

Our dedicated applications for doctors and patients creates an intuitive environment for greater communication, thus significantly reducing the risks of decline in clinical care.

Replete Health allows patients to monitor their daily activities including diet, smoking, alcohol consumption, etc. Patients can also link their wearables to Replete Health® and visualize all data in a single app. Patients can also record other medications that they are currently on, and the doctor will be notified immediately if there is any conflict with their current treatment regimen and communicate it back to the patient.

Also, patient can access all their health records from various providers and have a consolidated view of their care, which they can share with remaining providers as well as their personal contacts.

Replete Health has so far integrated over 100 health systems across 2500+ locations for patients to access their healthcare data. Our aim is to get every person access their healthcare records from various sources and collate all at one place, creating a master record. Millions of patients can access their data now from over 30K providers to date.

Replete Health has been in the forefront of healthcare in adopting FHIR protocols to access patient data. Given that FHIR is becoming more popular then HL7 V2/3, and expected be widely implemented over the coming years, Replete Health is poised to reach to millions more.

For the providers who's EHR/EMR providers have not implemented FHIR, we are built to absorb data via HL7 V2/3, giving us room to maximize our reach.



    June, 2018
  • We have successfully integrated over 130 EHR solutions over 10000 locations using FHIR protocols.

    May, 2018
  • We have signed up International Medical Consultants, who work with many pharmaceutical companies and universities to use Replete Health app.

    May, 2018
  • Replete Health is now in partnership with Ebix / A.D.A.M. Health Solutions for healthcare content.

    May, 2018
  • We have successfully completed the configuration of our applications for HIPAA compliance.

    May, 2018