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Rentar Environmental Solutions, Inc.

Rentar Environmental Solutions, Inc.

Proven by EPA Recognized Laboratories and Fortune 500 Companies to Reduce Fuel Cost and Greenhouse Gases with a 93% Gross Profit Margin

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Proven to reduce Fuel Consumption and Greenhouse Gas by EPA recognized laboratories and Fortune 500 Companies. Product pays for itself in 3 to 12 months. Product enjoys 93% Gross Profit Margins.


12 Issued Patents

Company Overview


Rentar Environmental Solutions, Inc., is poised for a strong commercial break-out. It is managements intent to do an IPO in a timely fashion.

After years of research and development the technology has been issued 12 patents and 26 patents pending in 34 countries.

After extensive testing at EPA recognized laboratories and field testing at a variety of Fortune 500 companies, the efficacy of the Rentar Fuel Catalyst has been confirmed as a means of savings significant amounts of fuel and reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions.

Customers using heavy duty equipment are typically saving between $20,000 and $35,000 per unit per year at a one-time cost of $5,000 to $10,000.

Rentar Environmental Solutions, Inc. enjoys a 93% Gross Profit Margin. The Company has an installed product base of many thousands of units and a current projected sales funnel of $243 million over the next five years.

Rentar Environmental Solutions, Inc. is offering to “accredited investors” 4,065,700 shares of a 5% Convertible Preferred Stock at $2.68 per share with each share convertible into one non-assessable, non-cumulative, voting common share for a total of $10,900,000. A 5% stock dividend will be paid annually to Preferred shareholders of record on December 31 of the dividend year. The preferred shares are being sold in $5,000 units composed of 1,866 shares.

Recent examples of customers successfully deploying the Rentar Fuel Catalyst.

1. The fourth largest CATERPILLAR dealer in the world affirmed their clients satisfaction wit the Rentar Fuel Catalyst by acquiring the exclusive right to distribute the Rentar Fuel Catalyst in the fifth largest nation in the world.


2. The largest SHIPPING PORT MANAGEMENT COMPANY in the world, manager of more than 80 ports, installed 90 Rentar Fuel Catalysts at one of their ports. After one year of operation they reported a 7.5% port wide fuel savings.

3. A $30 billion-dollar company, the largest iron and nickel MINING OPERATOR in the world, has proven the effectiveness of the Rentar Fuel Catalyst and has begun installing the Rentar Fuel Catalyst fleet wide. They have over 2000 pieces of equipment.

Entities that have installed Rentar Fuel Catalyst are: Toyota, CEMEX, New York Department of Environmental Protection, State of Delaware, Covanta Energy (NYSE), Del-Monte Foods, Tata Industries, Hilton Hotels, and Hyatt Hotels.

Management mission is to grow the company, thus providing enhavced shareholder value culminating in the execution of an exit strategy that will benefit all shareholders.

Call me with questions or a request for documentation.

Joel S Ratner, Chairman Emeritus

(561) 331-1012 Email:


Pitch Deck

Press Mentions

Key Customers & Partners

CEMEX Toyota New York City Department of Environment


TATA Motors, Limited - S. M. Singh
TATA Motors, Limited - S. M. Singh
DGM - Plant Services
""We are pleased to confirm that we have achieved saving of 15.57% on specific fuel consumption""
Mahindra & Mahindra, Ltd.  Agri Development C
Mahindra & Mahindra, Ltd. Agri Development C
Tractor Division
""The performance of HBL RENTAR Fuel Catalys has been good and about 6% HSD saving achieved""
Marriott Hyderabad Hotel & Convention Center
Marriott Hyderabad Hotel & Convention Center
Mr. Modak, Director of Engineering
"" We are glad to inform that after having installed "Rentar Fuel Catalyst" on our HSD fired boiler we have successfully achieved fuel savings of 5%"
Crystal Fisheries, Ltd.
Crystal Fisheries, Ltd. "Murshed Murad Ibrahi
Managing Director
"It is our pleasure to inform that we have been able to achieve a savings of 10% compared to the former fuel consumption before the installation of Rentar. We have also observed that the black smoke emissions has stopped and the engine lube oil viscosity and color is un-changed after running these engines for more than 1300 hours. Ithas also been observed that the engins are running very smoothly without extra noise and vibrations. We are planning to install the RFC units in our other ships."
Power Grid Corporation of India Limited, K C
Power Grid Corporation of India Limited, K C
General Manager
""We are pleased to confirm that we have achieved a fuel savings of more than 12% compared to before installation of Rentar. We have also observed that black smoke is reduced and engine is running smoothly without much vibration. This product also reduces Greehouse gas emissions""
Gulf Orient Seaways, Ltd.  Sk. Mahfuz Hamid
Gulf Orient Seaways, Ltd. Sk. Mahfuz Hamid
Managing Director
"Coastal cargo vessel, M.V.Gulf-7 main propeller engine and ship generator: "We are please to confirm that we achieved a fuel savings of 10%" " We also observed the black smoke is reduced and engine running very smoothly with out much vibration." "We would like to install these units for our other ship at the earliest." "
Askt Engineers,
Askt Engineers,
L&T PC-00 Pollaner / 330 KVA Caterpillar DG S
"We are pleased to confirm that the installation of the Rentar Fuel Catalyst on our equipment has achieved a 30% and a 15% fuel savings. We are very much satisfied with the performance.""

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