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The ReCycle Cycles LLC

The ReCycle Cycles LLC

Reduce. Reuse. Ride

Why We Started This Company

It all started with inspiration sparked by a recycled-materials, reusable grocery bag with “ingredients” printed on it attached to a messenger bag. Aluminum. Rubber. Plastic. “Hey. Those are bike parts.” Flash! A few years later, and our prototypes are alive, well and rolling down a street near you. (If you live in Los Angeles.) Against so many odds, we’ve managed to create a head-turning bicycle made from 100%-recycled aluminum, making it the greenest transportation option available anywhere.

What Sets Us Apart

We reduce carbon output and waste by reusing aluminum through a closed-loop, recycling mission to create new and awesome bikes from old and worn out materials. We're also currently focusing on Made in USA partnerships unlike any in the bicycle world.

Our Keys To Success

Like most entrepreneurs, the keys are simple: Believe that you can create something where nothing yet exists, be authentic in our desire to create change and practice responsible resource use and never, ever give up.

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