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Real Estate Marketplace for Qualified Opportunity Zones Investments

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Company Overview

RealAsset is a marketplace where capital gains investors can review qualified opportunity zones real estate investments.

Pitch Deck


  • We built a fully automated tech platform

    July, 2019
  • We have over 1,500 accredited investors who have signed up.

    November, 2019


Brock Pierce
Brock Pierce
Thought Leader/ Investor in Cryptocurrency
"I have a hard time seeing less than a hundred billion dollars being invested in opportunity zones. "
The Honorable Andrew Young
The Honorable Andrew Young
Chair of the Andrew J. Young Foundation, form
"Too many communities in our great nation feel passed over by economic growth and forgotten by our political leaders. We need a new formula for the public and private sectors to work together to generate new investments, new businesses, and new good paying jobs in places that have fallen behind. The Investing in Opportunity Act will harness much-needed private capital to flow to more American communities and empower state and local leaders to build a more prosperous future. Americans of all political stripes"
Ben Carson
Ben Carson
HUD Secretary
"Opportunity Zones have the ability to enhance thousands of communities and improve millions of lives across the country,” said HUD Secretary Carson. "