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Rayvolt Bike

Rayvolt Bike

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Barcelona, Catalonia, ES

electric car, electric bike, ebike, emobility

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$405,000 of $1,500,000

Rayvolt Bike is raising $1,500,000 with a minimum reservation of $1,000. Numbers displayed include non-binding reservations before investors are verified, signed, or closed.


  • Irresistible Design
  • Smartest Connected Technology
  • Most Energy Efficient Motors in the market

Elevator Pitch

Rayvolt is the Transportation Life style Brands creating timeless electric vehicles mixing state of the art technology and vintage look. Yesterday's Charm, Tomorrow's Technology, Today's Solution...


12 Employees


Mat Rauzier Drafts the First Cruzer drawing wanting to ally his passions for Vintage Bikes and Technology

August, 2015

Mat Rauzier Builds the first Rayvolt Cruzer Prototype and showcase it at the Paris Yacht Show... The Crowds goes wild, lot s of Pre-orders

December, 2015

2016 The Rayvolution Starts : Ying Zhang joins as COO and investor, Jaime Pla joins as CTO

January, 2016

Rayvolt Bike SL and Rayvolt International Ltd companies are created. Opening of New office. Rayvolt Starts recruiting.

March, 2016

Jaime Pla create the first EIVA computer transforming our bike into the smartest e-bike on the Market. The Technology Rayvolution begins

July, 2017

Rayvolt starts shipping the first 400 production bikes creating a network in 23 countries

August, 2016

2017 year of consolidation : The income from the first production allows us to re-engineer completely the Cruzer and develop new models

January, 2017

Rayvolt completed the remodelling of the Cruzer and built a 200 units pre-production test run. Bikes are built to perfection.

July, 2017

The pre-production was immediately sold out and incredibly well received in the market. Rayvolt starts Producing 1000 units

September, 2017

Rayvolt Completes its range with an addition of 3 new models in order to widen audience but keeping the same core: High Tech Classic look

October, 2017

Seeking Partners for 2018 : Year of Explosion - Network in Place, Product in Place, Great Market. Now the Story is yours to write ...

November, 2017

As a Teaser 2019 is the year of expansion : Motorcycle and small cars projects in pipeline. Join The Rayvolution !

December, 2017