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Rani Therapeutics

Rani Therapeutics

Transforming drug delivery by turning injectables into pills tackling $170B market

San Jose, California, US

biotechnology, health and wellness, drug delivery, tech startup, biotherapeutics

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Company Overview

Turning Injectables Into Pills:

Rani is developing a novel approach for the oral delivery of biologics, a $170BN market of injectable drugs used to treat chronic diseases such as diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis. We've successfully delivered 2 commercially available drugs in pre-clinical trials with 100% equivalence to injection.


Seasoned team with 15 exits: $380M invested and $1.8B returned to investors

June, 2015

Over 50 patents filed in US and abroad with 11 patents issued

June, 2015

Successfully delivered 2 commercially available drugs in preclinical trials with 100% equivalence to injections

June, 2015

$20M invested by Novartis, Google Ventures, Stevanato Group, InCube Ventures and VentureHealth

June, 2015

Unprecedented pre-clinical results

June, 2015

Closed first option/license deal

June, 2015


Today we are in an age where advances in life sciences are increasing at an unprecedented rate. We are excited by the team's strong track record in pre-clinical studies and look forward to the day Rani will improve the lives of patients.
Blake Byers General Partner at Google Ventures
Blake Byers
To date, all attempts to convert biologics to pills have failed. Novartis in collaboration with Rani Therapeutics will most likely be the first company to provide oral delivery of biologics to patients.
Novartis To


Team Member Name

Peter Herrmann

Manufacturing Operations at Rani Therapeutics

Peter Herrmann has extensive experience in medical device and pharmaceutical drug delivery system development and manufacturing. In 26 years with J&J, he dev... Read More
Team Member Name

Radhika Korupolu

Analytical Biochemistry at Rani Therapeutics

Radhika Korupolu is a Senior R & D Scientist, who leads the analytical chemistry efforts for Rani Therapeutics. Prior to Rani Therapeutics, Radhika was at Sa... Read More
Team Member Name

Kyle Horlen

Preclinical Science at Rani Therapeutics

Kyle has more than six years of experience in preclinical and biomedical research in addition to several years of clinical veterinary practice. Kyle has work... Read More
Team Member Name

Bruce Anderson

Process Chemistry at Rani Therapeutics

Bruce began his career as a process chemist at Pfizer’s Central Research Center in Groton, Connecticut developing safe, economical, and scalable routes of ... Read More