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The most economical payment system ever The fastest payment system ever RadicalPay.

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Company Overview

d04f77f084d7a0f15059fc6e46944055.jpgRadical Pay is simple payment system company.

Key point is every consumers can buy things on every websites with simple one click to move to Radical Pay.

We connect card companys, banks and online websites, e-commerce site.

Also, We can collect a lot of data. This means this big data could use for advertisements and new business

With this big platform , Finally, Consumers can buy lots of things more easy and quick in any other websites. ;; Radical Pay can save 30 seconds (average)per 1 online shopping. = (This means saving lots of time and money in USA)

So we need money to maintain this system.

First, We can put advertisements in our web or app

Second, We can charge a fee to consumers or websites. ( Very low fee ).

Third, We can mix first and second.

Thanks for reading overview.