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Quanterium Blockchain Solutions

Quanterium Blockchain Solutions

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Company Overview

Quanterium Blockchain Solutions is a cutting edge tech solutions’ integrator combining the latest Silo solutions into one service. Our mission is to help our partners successfully implement smart solutions to cut costs and increase profits by boosting customers’ acquisition, retention and satisfaction.

1.Blockchain and Other DLT solutions.

2. AI & ML Solutions.

3.Robotics and Internet of things solutions.

4.Augmented and Virtual Reality Solutions.

We cater mainly to the below listed industries:

2.Retail and Ecommerce

4.Logistics and transportation

6.Banking and Insurance


The main pain point we address is for our clients to avoid implementing many silo solutions and unsecure integration across platforms. We help create an ecosystem working in a seamless way

Quanterium will manage solutions within your SaaS OPEX budgets.


  • Opening of first European Blockchain Centre in Lithuania

    February, 2018
  • Opening of Dubai Blockchain Centre in collaboration wth Global Blockchain Centre

    May, 2018


Stuart Stoyan
Stuart Stoyan
FinTech Australia chair
"“While the entries were all of a very high quality, the finalists showcase the best of Australia’s fintech industry and some amazing individual and company achievements,” said FinTech Australia chair Stuart Stoyan Excellence in FinTech Support Services – Infrastructure and Investment "
Martin Davidson
Martin Davidson
Global Director and CEO of the Blockchain Cen
"“A huge part of empowering these companies to implement blockchain effectively comes down to helping them better understand their ideas and, importantly, the purpose and potential of blockchain to disrupt how we do business and live in society today,” "